Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Teens Unite Christmas Party

Having cancer has gave me the opportunity to do so many things. One of them is being involved with such amazing charities who support young adults effected by cancer. 
Recently I have been in touch with a charity called Teens Unite. Teens Unite Fighting Cancer is dedicated to improving the lives of young people aged 13-24, with cancer and other life limiting illnesses. I was introduced to them by my friend Pete. Yesterday I had to amazing opportunity to attend a Christmas party. I was quite nervous to go. I always feel a anxious before I go to these parties/events because I fear that I don't know anyone even though I did travel with people I knew I just felt anxious. The charity are in London so I traveled up with Pete & Matt who I already knew from cancer club. 
The theme was Christmas jumpers which was really fun because as you all know I love Christmas too much! After a long 4 hour train journey with we arrived at the venue, King pin suite in Tavistock square. Thank god I traveled with the guys else I would have got completely lost, they know their way around London and the tubes really well! I have only been to London a few times so I don't have a clue where anything is. 
There was so many new faces at the Teens Unite party. They had a lot of food there, celebrity guest appearances, bowling lanes, a photo booth, karaoke, pool, crafts table, games and ping pong. Everything you could imagine. It was an amazing party and most importantly I met so many inspirational people. Not only was the party filled with amazing , inspirational people but we also had a few guest appearances from some famous people. 
Karen Millen, who is a fashion designer and also one of Teens Unite's co founders, also Jade Johnson who is an English long jump athlete, Eric Lanlard who is a master pasister and owns cake-boy.com and the Olympic gold medalist British boxer, Audley Harrison. How great to be supported by them!  I managed to get a photo with Audley and he is a lovely guy. 
The most fun we had was in the photo booth. We had a lot of props and it was such a  challenge trying to change props in between photo shots. I am so glad that I went to this Christmas party and am looking forward to attending more events with Teens Unite next year. They are an amazing charity and I am so grateful to be supported by them.
If you are interested to find more information about the Teens Unite charity you can check out their website here

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