Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Christmas Countdown☃❅LIGHTS ❅☃

It's getting closer to Christmas and AM SO EXCITED! 
Today I have been wrapping up lots of presents and have nearly completed all my wrapping....early I know! 
I am writing this post sat with the fire on, with my beautiful Christmas tree behind me (Photo above^^) This is another thing I absolutely love at Christmas time. Not everyone gets involved with lights & decorations and our family don't go over the top with lights. We have lights on our fireplace, stair rail, in our living room window, a light up snowman in the garden & our tree. Writing it out then sounds really over the top but i swear it isn't. I love it when people go all out and go crazy with their outdoor light decorations, we have a man in our road who does but i do question how bloody expensive his electric bill is this time of year. 
It is great that so many people still have a lot of Christmas spirit! When I was little my mum used to drive around Plymouth to check out the amazing decorations. I will definitely be doing this with the girls this year! 

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