Sunday, 27 September 2015


On Friday evening, me and the family had a movie night and decided to watch the film, The theory of everything. I was so astonished by the story of the film I wanted so share and encourage everyone to watch it. 

So yes, basically I am writing this post to tell all of you that you have to watch this film NOW!! 
If you haven't heard of it before, it is based on the life of the amazingly brilliant man, Stephen Hawking.
I felt so inspired after watching this movie and feel like I have a better insight of the awful multi neuron disease that takes lots of people's lives too soon. 
They guy who plays Stephen in the film, Eddie Redmayne played an amazing role and won 4 awards for his extraordinary performance. 

If you have watched this film what did you think of it? and if not then watch it and let me know what you thought?

Monday, 21 September 2015


I am so lucky to live close the seaside and one warm evening last week, we went on a little trip to Wembury Beach which is a short drive from my house. 
I went with my Aunty, Nan, Ella & Esme, Nan made Pasties for tea which were absolutely delicious. 

We sat on a blanket drinking a flask of tea and ate some Bakewell tarts for dessert, it was such a splendid evening. It's evenings like these when I sit and appreciate being blessed with such a loving family and happy, healthier life.

We were photo bombed by a bee ^^^

Sunday, 20 September 2015


When I compare myself to how I used to be and feel just after my treatment I am at a much better place right now. I wouldn't say I am back to my normal self and I am not sure if I ever will feel completely normal. I guess that only time will tell. 
I have days, which are rare where I act like a complete recluse and distance myself from everyone and everything.

I am not aware of the cause of this, is it because of what I have been through? Is it because of my emotional level now? I am really unsure and wish I had an answer. 
It is such a horrible feeling and the only way I can explain it is when you feel poorly and have no energy to do much except I have no energy to talk to anyone anyone.
 It isn't a case of not being bothered to do so, it's a mood that I just cannot shift.
 It is the most annoying feeling considering I am usually very happy and very outgoing. 

I feel like a complete odd ball, especially when I have to turn down meeting up with friends and my general mood on these 'unsociable' days. 
I am aware that it could be an experience related cause only because I have spoken with a friend who has experienced cancer and he feels the same.

Friday, 18 September 2015


What are stem cells and why are the transplanted?
Stem cells mostly live in the bone marrow (the spongy center of certain bones) where they divide to make new blood cells. When the blood cells have matured they then leave the bone marrow enter into the blood stream. Stem cell transplants are used to restore the cells when the bone marrow has been destroyed by a disease such as cancer and it's treatment drugs chemotherapy and radiotherapy. 

Why are stem cells important?
Stem cells make 3 types of blood cells - red bloody cells, white blood cells and platelets. We need a certain number of these blood cells to keep us alive. 

What are the sources of stem cells for a transplant?
-Bone marrow (from you or a donor) - The blood stream (from you or a donor)
 - Umbilical cord from newborns. 

What is it like to donate stem cells?
My brother was my stem cell donor and from his personal opinion it is exceptionally a walk in the park which he would happily do again. Before donating he had to have a full check up and blood test to ensure he was fit and healthy. He then had to have 5 days of having an injection to over stimulate his stem cells to ensure he was making enough to donate to me. To harvest his cells his blood was removed from a a small thin tube connected to his vein in his arm then cycled through a machine that separates the stems cells from other blood cells. The stem cells are kept while the rest of the blood is returned to the donor through another tube in his other arm. This procedure can take around 4-6 hours to complete and there are very rare side effects. 

You can read more about my brothers stem cell harvest here.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


I came across this video today and think it is absolutely brilliant!! 
It was created to raise awareness of bone marrow transplants and the bone marrow registry. I know how important this is and bone marrow donations save so many lives each year. 
 It is very hilarious but educational at the same time. :)

What do you think? 

Monday, 14 September 2015


If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I was diagnosed with Leukaemia. So I thought I would kick off writing about Leukaemia and raising awareness of blood cancer  

What is Leukaemia?
Leukaemia is a blood cell cancer which usually starts in the bone marrow. It leads to over production of immature blood cells, the part of the immune system which defends the body against infection. 

Who gets Leukaemia and what causes it?
Around 8,000 people are diagnosed with leukaemia every year. However, in many cases, there is an unknown cause of leukaemia. 

Signs and symptoms of Leukaemia?
Symptoms usually develop over a few weeks and become worse as more immature white blood cells increase. 
Symptoms include: - Pale skin
                               - Tiredness
                               - Easily bruised skin
                              -  Weight loss
                               - Frequent Infections

Treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukaemia usually starts a few days after a diagnosis as it is a very aggressive form of cancer. The aim is to kill as many leukaemic cells as possible  by having chemotherapy and restore your blood cells and treat any symptoms you may have. After the cells have been destroyed the treatment plan is usually to continue having chemotherapy to prevent the cancer returning. Radiotherapy is also used to treat AML, most commonly to prepare the body for a bone marrow transplant. 

If you would like to read more I will post some links below of some of my previous blog posts. 

Thursday, 10 September 2015


I am astonished by the lovely weather we are having here in Plymouth, blue skies all day, every day. Apparently our Summer was rubbish so I am guessing that this is our late Summer. I made the most of it and seeing as I haven't seen my little niece Esme as I have been away, I decided to take a little trip to Tavistock. 
Tavistock is a little town with a park and it's around a 20 minute drive from my house.

Esme was adamant to put some money in this mans guitar case. 
Bless her :)

Lunch stop where I had a coffee and a deliciousss.  

Do I choose a biscuit or a bun? 

Feeding the duckys!

And the pigeons! 
It was a lovely afternoon!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015


September is blood cancer awareness month and as most of you know, this is incredibly important to me. Since my diagnosis in 2012 - 3 flipping years ago! I have been doing as much as I can to raise awareness of cancer and share the importance of raising money for cancer support charities. 

In a previous blog post I mentioned that this month is childhood cancer awareness month, well it also happens to be blood cancer awareness month which is very close to my heart. 
After receiving a late diagnosis with Leukaemia, I now suffer with the long term effects caused by this so by raising awareness of some symptoms of blood cancer could save someone else suffering. 

The UK's biggest blood cancer charity who was once called Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research has now changed it's name to bloodwise. They research, help, share learning, campaign and raise money. A pretty awesome charity right?

For blood cancer awareness month I would like to shine a light on blood cancer so I am going to post several posts related to this. They will involve talking about different cancers and their symptoms so please don't read this and crap yourself thinking you have cancer because it is very unlikely that you do.

I also understand that talking about cancer can be a sore subject to a lot of people but after going through it myself I feel I can easily open up about it and want to use this as a way to raise awareness (this was the reason why I started writing my blog). 
I understand how people feel who have lost loved ones to this cruel disease and feel for people who have or are suffering with the evil C. 

Are you doing anything this month to raise awareness of blood or childhood cancer?


Hello September!
Most of last month's favourites are summer related, I hope you enjoy!
Hawaiian tropics after sun 
I have tested a fair few after sun's and this after sun is my favourite by far. It is very moisturising and smells amazing. It is a really affordable, I think it was priced at £5 when I bought it this year. 
Rimmel London Apocalips 
This product is so pigmented that one swipe gives a good coverage. It leaves a glossy finish without any stickyness which I find is a common problem in a lot of liquid lip products. It is a long lasting product and is available in many beautiful shades. 
Simple skincare products
After trying a number of high end and drug store branded skincare products, I finally found one which is perfect for my skin, and it is so affordable. I used to use the clinique skincare range but after using it for a few months, it was too strong for my skin. I read a review online about simple and picked up some of the products at my local supermarket. It is absolutely perfect for my skin. Daily, I use the cleansing wipes, cleanser, toner and the light moustriser. I also own the lip balm and eye cream which I use regularly. A bonus is that it is sold in most supermarkets and drug stores.
 Each product is priced around £3.50 each which is bloody fantastic. 
Plaited Hair 
Plaited hair reminds me of being a little girl at school. I have been on holiday in the boiling heat most of this summer and the one thing that really annoys me about being hot it my hair being in my face. Now that my hair has grown back I have been trying to style it differently. Anyone who knows me will know that I am a complete failure when it comes to hair. I recently have been having my hair plaited (by my friend or mum) and I really like it so thought it deserved a spot on my monthly favourites. Hair styling has become a popular thing recently and there is a lot of beautiful inspiration for hairstyles.
I keep telling myself that one day I will be good at hair styling, I bloody wish! 
Puzzle Books
I have a weird obsession with puzzle books, even though I struggle immensely with completing most of them. Any time I go to the beach for the day or on holiday I take at least 3 with me. I recently bought a crossword book in the £1 shop which is a barg!
My favourite puzzles are Sudoku and Arrow words. Puzzle books aren't everyone's cup of tea but I find that they kill a lot of time and are a fun way to work my little brain cells.