Friday, 17 January 2014

Heaven couldn't wait for you

Having cancer has enabled me to meet a lot of people...other cancer patients, nurses, consultants, hospital staff & social workers. I have met some amazing people and due to  the environment in which I have met them means at some point I will come across people who will loose their battle with cancer. 
My closest friend I have made through being diagnosed is Freya, she was diagnosed a few months before me and has been there for me throughout my journey. She spent 2 years fighting Leukaemia. When we were both in hospital we were in isolation rooms so couldn't talk much but she wrote me a letter saying how she was there for me and after months of us both being in hospital we finally met. She was such an intelligent, motivated woman and continued with her medical studies in hospital. She was a true inspiration to me. It was really supporting to have a friend who understands and who was 'in the same boat' as myself. Freya helped me gain hope and my confidence, she was so positive about everything. We shared a lot about how we felt being diagnosed at a young age and the horrible side effects of our treatment. Thanks to CLIC Sargent we were able to meet regularly and catch up after being discharged from the hospital. 

Devastatingly after a long hard battle with the evil C, Freya received awful news that the cancer had progressed. After finding out her cancer was terminal in November her amazing friends planned an beautiful ball for her, here I could see how she was loved by many and how she made such a big impact on people. She was such a loving, caring person and I am so blessed to have been her friend. 

She was there for me since the very beginning of my journey and I know she will look down on me from heaven and one day we will meet again.
rest peacefully beautiful. 

Freya was an inspiration to many, before she passed she set up a trust...the FREYA BARLOW TRUST. The aim of the trust is to help young cancer patients to continue living their lives in hospital whilst having treatment. Donations to this trust are hugely grateful. 
You can donate here 
Freya Barlow Trust

Rest Peacefully Freya x


  1. RIP Freya. Elisha, this is such a brilliant blog, and fingers crossed you stay clear yourself! My best friend was diagnosed with Hodgkins last year, just weeks before her 19th, and thankfully is in remission now. x

    1. Hi Jenny, she was a great friend thank you. I am sorry to hear you friend had the evil C too but glad to hear she is in remission. Send my love to her. Thank you, I am looking forward to getting the all clear this November and can move forward rather than constantly living in limbo. x