Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Health Update

As you all know that I passed my year post transplant on the end of November. YAYY! Everything is going great so far. I have faced some bumps here and there but nothing to knock me off my positive mind set. I still suffer with long term effects of the transplant which will hopefully improve in the future. 
Over the Christmas I felt reasonably well but really tired. I also suffered with a lot of mouth ulcers and cold sores but nothing a course of antibiotics could clear. In the beginning of January I suffered with a horrible pain in my back and after having a few tests at the hospital the nurses said that I had a urine infection. After a course of antibiotics it was gone after a week. The reason I keep getting infections is due to my immune system. I have only had my 'new immune system' for just over a year so technically I still have a baby immune system. In time my immune system will build up and hopefully I won't get half as many infections as I do now. 
If you have had a read of my blog before you may know about my extremely high iron levels. If not you can read previous posts here.. Iron Overload & Iron Overload Update I have been having venesections on a monthly basis. Before I started having them my levels were extremely high at 2083 and after having 5 venesections my iron level has now lowered to 1500. A healthy level is below 100 and as it is still high I am having them every two weeks.
My muscle and joint pain is still ongoing and I suffer with chronic fatigue. I seriously wasn't prepared for how much I would be effected by having all the treatment. To help ease my joint pain I have started to go swimming twice a week to help gain back my strength. The first week I really struggled and was in lots of pain but just after 4 weeks I have more strength. Having cancer has really took the life out of me and I am determined to get back to my usual self, I am still recovering and know it can take time.

Always Smiling x


  1. This is an amazing story your telling. You sound like a very strong person. :) That's a beautiful thing.

    I hope that swimming gets even more easier with more time. It sounds like a difficult journey.


  2. Thank you Chritstina.

    You have to stay strong through a time like this. It is a long difficult journey but I take each day as it comes. I am looking forward to getting the all clear in November.

    Elisha x