Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Teenage Cancer Action Week

This week 14 - 20 OCTOBER is teenage cancer action week.
Take action.
Learn the five most common signs of cancer in young people aged 13 - 24. Remember these signs could be due to an everyday illness so I don't want to scare anyone but please if you are worried make an appointment to see a doctor..it's better to be on the safe side.
- Pain
- Lump, bump or swelling
- Extreme weight loss
- Extreme tiredness
- Changes in a mole
If you have any of these signs and you are worried you must go to see your doctor. If your illness is continued please return to the doctors. From past experience I had extreme problems with mouth ulcers and bruised gums. After many appointments with my dentist, he continued to say it was due to my bad hygiene. It wasn't until he sent me to the dental hygienist when she cleaned my gums they didn't stop bleeding I knew something wasn't right but never did I think 'oh I have cancer.' After having severely swollen glands and thinking I had glandular fever I went for a blood test and I was then diagnosed. From my first 'sign' it took about 5 weeks to get a diagnosis. It was something my dentist should have picked up but didn't. Therefore it is so important that if you notice a change in your body or are worried about something then tell someone and see a doctor. Be safe! 
Help raise awareness!

Always smiling x