Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My 21st Birthday

Here are some photos from my 21st Birthday party. Thank you for everyone who came and thank you very much for the cards and gifts. Thank you for all the donations to CLIC Sargent, we managed to raise £129 for the charity :)  I was amazed how many family members and friends turned up. I seen old friends and family I haven't seen for years so was lovely to  catch up. I also want to thank a few people who came from my extended hospital family. I really couldn't have asked for a better night! 
My amazing parents booked me a party at the Davey Hall in North Hill, if your from Plymouth you will know of North Hill, basically it's a hill with student accommodation, bars and Plymouth University. It's really close to town which is a huge plus. The DJ finished up at around midnight and then we went to town....after that I don't recall much. 

My mums amazing idea was to home make a photo booth. You may have seen these at weddings and clubs. The cost a fortune to rent...something ridiculous like £400. Mum asked her great friend Shawn if he could build us a wooden frame to use as a background and we home made the props by printing them out and sticking them onto kebab sticks. We also had a lot of fancy dress hats, wigs, glasses etc so used them. My family are mad on fancy dress so we didn't need to buy anything. I think it cost us around £20 overall,so I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is throwing a party any time soon. Everyone really enjoyed it and we all had so much fun. 
The photos are hilarious!
My wonderful Uncle took the photographs on his amazing camera..he is a STAR! 

Your only 21 once, and I had an amazing night.
 One I will never forget, thanks to my amazing parents, family & friends.

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