Monday, 28 March 2016


I have spent the past few months managing a fundraising event for CLIC Sargent. Last year I went for an interview for a fundraising manager role and unfortunately didn't succeed, this turned out to be brilliant because I was offered some work experience and training instead to improve skills and learn about managing fundraising and events. Part of the work experience was organising a sponsored abseil in Bournemouth and last Saturday was the big event day! Myself and my fundraising manager, Joy were so excited and the turnout on the day was amazing! 
We had 39 people sign up which was brilliant and think the event has roughly raised around £8,000. I met a lot of inspirational people who were really brave and encouraged me to the the abseil myself. I'm not going to lie, I was so so scared of doing the abseil as just before the event started I walked to the top of the tower to look over the edge and scared myself since. The worst part of doing the abseil was standing onto the edge of the church and leaning was awful and I thought I was going to fall! The guy who helped me was so reassuring and made me feel so safe I don't think I could have done it without his reassurance. 
I will update you with our total amount raised from this event when I find out. After managing this event I have realised that Fundraising is definitely a career I want to hopefully get a job in the near future.

Sunday, 20 March 2016


A few weeks ago I was contacted by the head of volunteering of CLIC Sargent, Jen Harries and she told me that I had been shortlisted for an award. It was a huge shock to the system as it wasn't just a local awards but a national award ceremony. The category I was nominated for was the Community Volunteer of the Year for my hard efforts in fundraising and volunteering in Plymouth. I was so excited but also nervous at the same time. 
Obviously I took my amazing mum with me as my plus one, she's always been a huge support in everything I do so I couldn't exactly leave her at home could I? 
The event was in the city of London, near tower bridge which is a completely different end to where we usual stay when we visit London.
After a long train journey and panicking about what I was going to say if I did win which in my eyes was very unlikely, the awards evening quickly came and we were stood outside the venue meeting the CEO and volunteer manager of CLIC Sargent. An hour passed of eating canapays, drinking wine and mingling with other nominees and the time came to take our seats for the results of the awards. There were 20 category's and mine was number 8..I remember feeling very nervous and excited. I read through all the nominees and they were all brilliant and deserved an award in my eyes. 
When my name was called as the winner of Community Volunteer Of The Year I burst with many emotions and surprisingly felt very teary. I never feel that I should be recognised for what I do so having a room full of people cheer for me was really overwhelming. 
If it wasn't for the amazing charity, CLIC Sargent who have been supporting me since my diagnosis in 2012, I would have never felt the importance of volunteering and fundraising. I don't think you understand the importance of charities until you become a service user of them. 

Thursday, 10 March 2016


Another busy month and where has the this year gone!
I had the amazing opportunity to attend a film premiere by the Teenage Cancer Trust. I took mum with me and we had an amazing time! 
We weren't in any hurry to leave London city so decided to make a day of it and visit Covent Garden, it was a lovely mummy and daughter day. 
I have written longer posts about these trips so please read here if you want to have a little more of a read!
A little photo update from my beautiful niece's. I have spent a lot of my time having baby cuddles and playing barbies and play-doh. Perfect!
One of my best friends, Maria is having a baby and is actually overdue as I write this. Me and the girls went to her babyshower last month at a country house in Devon, Kitley House. It was a beautiful afternoon and we celebrated with prosecco/orangejuice and high tea. Another little baby to join our baby clan...Exciting!
The girls met Autumn for the first time last month, we had a catch up in my living room. 8 girls and 3 house was slightly more crazy than usual but was lovely to all get together, have a catch up and baby cuddles!

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


BaByliss Big Hair - After longing for this product for the past year, my parents bought me one for Christmas. I absolutely love it! It is simple to use and gives my hair a polished, bouncy blow dried style. 

Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer - This has become a new essential for my daily makeup routine. Weather I am wearing a full face of makeup, a little bit of concealer or braving it and going bare faced. I always apply this as a base. It controls my oily skin and for a high street brand product It is fab!

No7 Youthful Replenishing Facial Oil - I bought it when I went to a Macmillan event a few months ago and haven't used it a lot until now. I don't use it daily, maybe a few times a week. If I have excessive dry blemishes or skin then I use a few drops on my face. I have also used it in my hair because I find it gives it a shine and reduces dryness.

Copenhagen Mint and Eucalyptus Candle - My favourite candle EVER! I was given this as a gift 2 years ago and after burning it I was so eager to buy another yet I couldn't find it anywhere! I tried searching everywhere online and couldn't find a shop that stocked it. When I was in London last month. I was browsing in a TKMAXX and found it! If you seen my reaction I looked like I had won the lottery but no just found a candle hehe! It smells like happiness and is very long lasting.

Real Techniques Bold Metals - I have a slight obsession with makeup brushes and when I seen these on a half price offer, it seemed silly to miss. I am very fond of a lot of the real techniques collection but the bold metals are on another level - these brushes are insanely soft and apply makeup really well. I love that they are longer than normal brushes and feel It makes application easier yet I always have a problem trying to fit them in my makeup bag or brush roll

2016 Paperchase Diary - Just call me Miss Organised! I am a big fan of paperchase and their notebooks and cuteness of items! After wanting to be more organised this year, I  bought myself a diary and am really enjoying using it! If you are looking at buying a diary - 3 months into the year ,papaerchase have lots of beautiful yet simple designs.

These have been my favourite items over the past month. 
What have you been loving?

Sunday, 6 March 2016


Last week I came back from an amazing weekend in Bath. As most of you know, I am hugely involved with cancer charities and events. I was invited to a well being weekend with the Teenage and Young Adult cancer service to talk about post treatment problems and effects, fitness, healthy eating, sex and relationships and insurance issues. It was a very interesting weekend, I learnt a lot, shared a lot of stories and met some wonderful people. 
I have been to many of these events and the most important thing is listening, meeting and supporting other young cancer patients. This weekend I was paired up with a lovely girl, Stevie. We had never met before and were told we were sharing a room...okay then..slightly awkward..I thought. 
Well little did I know that this amazing gal would be so lovely and similar to myself! By the first few hours of meeting it was like we had been friends for many years.
Bloody Awesome! 
I also met and caught up with some amazing, inspiring people who I will always stay in contact with and hopefully see again soon!
The 5* spa was insane and we spent most of our time lounging in our robes going in and out of the saunas and outdoor hydro pool. 
I had to share this photo..yes it is a Christmas shop! A lot of you know that I am absolutely Christmas mad, love it! 
When we went for dinner on Friday evening I glanced across the road and seen this! It is open all year...Christmas 24/7 we need more shops like this!