Friday, 14 August 2015


I thought I would give you a quick little update on the project I am involved with. We have raised some more money for the project and am currently planning on how we are going to decorate the spaces allocated to us in the hospital. 
This is going to take a lot longer than we anticipated but we are all eager to complete it as soon as possible. 
We have recently designed and decorated a wall in Derriford Hospital to help raise awareness and show our plans and progress of the project. The wall is on the level of the 'young adult's chill space.' 

A lovely lady called Charlotte who is an artist came and painted the wall and the whole theme behind it is bringing the community and the hospital together. 
Derriford hospital is a great hospital and we are very lucky to have such a good service close to our homes. We have tried to incorporate the city of Plymouth in our design, as well as our colour theme for the project and the spaces we are decorating. 

What do you think? :)

Monday, 10 August 2015


Well this is something I wasn't expecting to celebrate but it is very exciting news!
My little brother is having a baby!
It has been a huge shock to me and my family and we are all excited for the arrival and to find out if Kieran and Georgia are expecting a boy or a girl! 
I am so happy for them both!

Friday, 7 August 2015


Last week I had my transplant clinic and it went extremely well. 
I am still cancer free *WAHOO! 

 I go to late effects clinic now which is every 3 months, here my consultants check my obs, blood results and give me a general check all over. We then have a little chit chat about how I feel and if I have been suffering with any late side effects. 
I already suffer with fatigue, brain fog and pain. 
I discussed with my consultant about my recent pain in the ass which is my legs, they keep swelling up and I suffer with extreme leg cramp which also effects my feet and toes. Since visiting my consultant, he has put me on tablets called Quinine which have already started to work. :) 
I don't want to drag this post out and just to say that I am still steadily ticking along on this journey to a full recovery. I have come so far and now, people look at me and would never know!

 I love that! 

I have learnt to smile always, even if I do feel like complete crap! 
I am always reminded by my nurses and doctors how it is a life changing transplant I have had and most of the time my mind thinks differently.
 The one thing I would completely change is my energy levels and how I feel like an achy, old lady when I should be a free, young spirit. 
And obviously the shitty fact that I can't have children, but I'll cope with that when I come to wanting to have a family, which isn't any time soon. 

On another note, my consultant has booked me to see a Dermatologist just to be on the safe side. He noticed a mole on my back which looked a bit 'dodgy' I have had the mole forever and I have noticed that it is large and sticks out a little but I have never been worried about it. 
Since my transplant I have to be super safe in the sun and I have to check myself regularly because I am most likely to get a secondary cancer in my lifetime. I think that this appointment is just a check up to make sure that everything is dandy. 

I also have to book an appointment at my doctors surgery to have live vaccinations. ( I have had to wait 2 year to have these) It isn't safe to have them before because of having a premature immune system.

Well that's just a little update for ya'll. I have my next clinic appointment in October so i'll fill you in then! 

Happy Days!

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


I have been using a waterproof mascara since I had my transplant because I suffer with hot sweats now and then so mascara just falls off. I usually use the L'Oreal Paris Volume Mascara and my friend Kate advised me that this mascara was amazing and I totally agree with her. This mascara it long lasting and lashes look natural when I use it. 

I have been using this a lot recently. I know it is summer time and the perfect weather for tanning. I had an event last month and needed a quick fix to have nice tanned legs. I have had this for a while but never used it, so the week before the event I started using it daily and the results were brilliant! 
It gives a glowing, natural tan. The only tip I would mention is to use gloves when applying or wash your hands straight after using it. 

 Blog's I have been loving. 
I thought I would feature some of my favourite blogs on this monthly's favourites. 
I read blogs on a daily basis and and love finding new ones to enjoy. These are my favourites who I have been following for a few years and I would highly recommend following them, they are each different in their own ways and I bloody love 'em all.

I had to feature these on this months favourites, I have been wearing them since the day I bought them. I bought a pair last year and absolutely loved them. 
This pair was only £9.99 and honestly they are the comfiest pair of sandals I have ever worn. They aren't the prettiest sandals but I would definitely choose comfort over style. Definitely a must have!

This bronzer was a freebee when I bought some makeup in boots the other day. I have been using this as a powder now I have a bit of a tan on my face. 
It is £5.99 to buy and I would highly recommend this for a cheap drug store product, it is a light wear powder and it is waterproof, what a bonus!

As much as I love this weather, the change really effects my skin. Every time I have a bad break out, I use this all over my face and it helps get rid of my blemishes. 
I have had this bottle for over a year and still have a small amount in there. 
My skin feels lovely and smooth when applied and I have seen clear results every time I use it.