Sunday, 6 March 2016


Last week I came back from an amazing weekend in Bath. As most of you know, I am hugely involved with cancer charities and events. I was invited to a well being weekend with the Teenage and Young Adult cancer service to talk about post treatment problems and effects, fitness, healthy eating, sex and relationships and insurance issues. It was a very interesting weekend, I learnt a lot, shared a lot of stories and met some wonderful people. 
I have been to many of these events and the most important thing is listening, meeting and supporting other young cancer patients. This weekend I was paired up with a lovely girl, Stevie. We had never met before and were told we were sharing a room...okay then..slightly awkward..I thought. 
Well little did I know that this amazing gal would be so lovely and similar to myself! By the first few hours of meeting it was like we had been friends for many years.
Bloody Awesome! 
I also met and caught up with some amazing, inspiring people who I will always stay in contact with and hopefully see again soon!
The 5* spa was insane and we spent most of our time lounging in our robes going in and out of the saunas and outdoor hydro pool. 
I had to share this photo..yes it is a Christmas shop! A lot of you know that I am absolutely Christmas mad, love it! 
When we went for dinner on Friday evening I glanced across the road and seen this! It is open all year...Christmas 24/7 we need more shops like this! 

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