Wednesday, 27 May 2015

No Motivation

I have been having such a mare this morning and thought of one thing I could do to motivate myself...write a quick, little post. 
I have a meeting in Bristol with CLIC Sargent's participation team, we meet every 6 weeks to discuss volunteering and participation opportunities our local area. 
It isn't until 4:30 but I haven't moved from my bed. I know it is not a committed job but I will be meeting with some friends who I haven't seen for a while.  I have to leave my house to drive there in a few minutes and I honestly have very little motivation. 
I think this weather isn't helping in the slightest, I am just being silly and feeling really sorry for myself today. 
I'm sure it'll be fine with my shades on and playing some old summer R'n'B album. 
Let's hope there is no traffic and no ass holes driving on the M5 today.

Apologies for the ranting and a not so positive post. 

Saturday, 23 May 2015


Today celebrates the day I was diagnosed with cancer, 3 years ago.
 Lots of people probably question why I celebrate the day I was diagnosed and my answer to this is, why not celebrate a day which changed my life forever?
Some people easily forget about the whole cancer thing but when you suffer with side effects of treatment, you are reminded everyday.I personally find it very hard to forget what happened...I don't dwell on it every day but I love to embrace it in some sort of way and always tell myself how lucky I am to be cancer free and alive today. 

I also love to celebrate as I reflect on the journey I went through and how far I have come since that day. I also think about how many amazing people I have met through my journey. It is also a day where I reflect on the amazing things I have accomplished since my diagnosis. I would never have had the opportunity to do most of them if I didn't have my cancer diagnosis. 

I believe that everything happens for a reason and I feel blessed to have beaten the 50 % survival rate I was given, when I had my transplant. 
I think about the friends who have lost their battle to cancer everyday and can't help but feel guilty at times that I am alive. I just hope that one day we will reunite. 
I will never forget the day that changed my life for the better, it has shaped the person I am today and for that I feel very blessed. 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

A Little Trip To Watergate Bay

Yesterday I was lucky to have the opportunity to go on a trip to Watergate Bay, Newquay with the Teenage Cancer Trust. Trips like this are some of the perks that come with a cancer diagnosis, yes cancer is very morbid but honestly there are some positive perks. 
I have been to Newquay quite a lot in my life, when I was younger we used to go on a caravan holiday every year in Cornwall and it was somewhere we would visit every time. 
It is the first time I have visited the Watergate Bay hotel and I was overwhelmed how beautiful it was. The view of the beach was amazing, I couldn't help myself and took a lot of photos so thought I would share them with you guys. 
First we ate lunch at Jamie Oliver's fifteen restaurant. The food was bloody delicious!!
 This is the most mouth watering dessert I have ever ate in life. It was rhubarb and cinnamon cake with a caramel sauce and clotted cream. I am not a huge sweet lover but I have honestly never tasted something so heavenly. 
We were lucky to have the opportunity to ride segway's on the beach and it was so much fun. Surprisingly it was really easy to get used to controlling them.
Action Shot!!

I also couldn't resist in taking some photos of the amazing views. 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Wig Wednesday

Today is Wig Wednesday! Wear a wig and show your support to CLIC Sargent cancer charity.
I have had a really busy day and had an event in Newquay with the Teenage Cancer trust, I am going to write a separate post about this event but wanted to show my support to CLIC Sargent and post a photo of myself and Pete. We are both volunteer representatives for CLIC Sargent and we absolutely love it. It is something that has shaped who I am today  and am so grateful to be involved with such an amazing, supportive charity.  

Monday, 18 May 2015

Tomorrow Will Be Better

I came across this quote last week and found it really inspiring, especially for my current situation. I have got used to my new life, post cancer and understand that I may not feel great all the time.
 Not only am I talking about myself but it is common and normal for everyone to have bad days so I hope this quote can lift your spirits when you are having one. :)

A Driven Force - Who Are We?

I attended one of CLIC Sargent's cancer socials at the end of last year and was told there would be an opportunity to be involved in a social enterprise helping to improve cancer services for young adults in Plymouth. It was something I was instantly interested in. 
I went to the first meeting and felt like it was something I could not wait to get my teeth into and I was definitely going to enjoy. 
After a few months of meetings we have already raised £4000 and have a plan in action of how we are going to improve the service in Plymouth. 
Our name, A Driven Force and we are a group of young people, working together to create a change through our differences. 
We all met as strangers and are now a family. We each bring something different to the team which contributes to achieving our ultimate goal which is to improve the teenage and young adult cancer service in Plymouth. 
Our main focus is to create a space in Derriford hospital. The hospital already benefits from brilliant services and support. However the thing that is lacking is a dedicated space, facilities and resources aimed at the specific need for young people. Young people long for a space where they can feel normal where they can relax, either alone or with family and friends; get access information and events and share their thoughts and feelings. We have lots of ideas for this space and have to think about compact living as the space isn't huge. 

I will be updating our journey on my blog as we have many exciting events coming up. 
Support us and follow A Driven Force on our social media here:

Saturday, 16 May 2015

April Favourites

This is a post I have been wanting to write for a very long time. 
Since starting my blog I have been obsessed with following and reading other people's blogs and posts. One of my favourite posts to read is monthly favourites so I thought why not try writing my goes.

Mac Blusher - Plum Foolery
I bought this last month and I have been wearing it on a daily basis ever since. I have bought a few mac blushers in the past but honestly this is by far my favourite one I have ever purchased. Someone bought me a voucher for my birthday and I bought the mac studio fluid foundation but still had more to spend so thought I would splash out on a blusher. It gives a lovely glow effect and seriously love it. 

Mumford and Sons - Believe
I am obsessed with Mumford and Sons and cannot explain my excitement for their new album release. They are my favourite band and I absolutely love them! I was very lucky to see them live just before I went into hospital to have my transplant and can't wait until they tour again. 
Their new single sounds different to their last album, they have ditched the banjo which is slightly disappointing as that is what made them different to other bands. Hey Ho, they are still bloody brilliant and their new song believe is worth a download.  

Simple Lip Moisturiser 
This is my ultimate bargain buy from a'll never guess! The 99p store. I absolutely love it and think it could be one of the best lip moisturiser's I have ever bought. It feels glossy and really moustrising on my lips. 
This is a must have for your handbag!

Tangle Teezer
Never in a million years would I think that anyone could have an obsession with a hairbrush..but I have! It is honestly the best brush I have ever used, not only does it make your hair feel so soft and silky after brushing but it gets rid of any and every tangle. They are pretty pricey but worth every penny. You need one of these in your life!

Game Of Thrones
I am probably the last person to join this craze but I am hooked on watching this. It has taken over my life the last few weeks and I can't believe I haven't been obsessed sooner. 
There is something dramatic that happens in every episode and shocking events. I am only half way through but am absolutely loving it. 

What have you been loving this month?

Friday, 8 May 2015

My Month In Photos | April 2015

We celebrated our Easter Sunday by having an Easter egg hunt for Esme and Ella and then enjoying a yummy roast dinner with our family! I stuffed my face with too much chocolate which I really regret now! 
April is such a busy time for birthdays in our family. My Nan celebrated her 64th birthday this year and we decided to throw her a surprise high tea party. My mum has always had an obsession with vintage tea sets and has been collecting different sets for a while. She collected nearly all of it from local charity shops, you'll be surprised how cheap they sell for. 
Mum made her own scones and Victoria was so delicious. My Nan loved her surprise, we had 60's music playing and it had a very old, vintage vibe. 
Love, love, love it! :) 

As before I mentioned everyone's birthday's being in April...I wasn't joking! 
I celebrated my friend Rachel's 21st spending the weekend in Looe with some of the girls. We had a relaxing and very enjoyable weekend and were very lucky with the weather. 

Ben Howard came to Plymouth and I am a BIG fan!  Me, Mumma and my Aunty bought tickets and he was amazing live! I was a bit worried that I would end up snoozing during his performance as his music is very mellow but after a few glasses of wine, we were all singing along and dancing (sat down)
Bloody Brilliant! 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Aalways Someone Who Has It Worse Off Than Yourself

This is a quote I use quite often. I say this to a fair few people when they've  spoke to me about my journey and how positive I am. I have heard many times 'oh god how do you always smile and act so positive after all you have been through? I couldn't do it' response is: well there is always someone worse of than myself.

 I know so many people who are fighting for their lives or have devastatingly lost their battle to cancer. I think about those people and then see my situation as a blessing. I think this message should be educated to people more often and they may think a little about how lucky they actually are.