Saturday, 16 May 2015

April Favourites

This is a post I have been wanting to write for a very long time. 
Since starting my blog I have been obsessed with following and reading other people's blogs and posts. One of my favourite posts to read is monthly favourites so I thought why not try writing my goes.

Mac Blusher - Plum Foolery
I bought this last month and I have been wearing it on a daily basis ever since. I have bought a few mac blushers in the past but honestly this is by far my favourite one I have ever purchased. Someone bought me a voucher for my birthday and I bought the mac studio fluid foundation but still had more to spend so thought I would splash out on a blusher. It gives a lovely glow effect and seriously love it. 

Mumford and Sons - Believe
I am obsessed with Mumford and Sons and cannot explain my excitement for their new album release. They are my favourite band and I absolutely love them! I was very lucky to see them live just before I went into hospital to have my transplant and can't wait until they tour again. 
Their new single sounds different to their last album, they have ditched the banjo which is slightly disappointing as that is what made them different to other bands. Hey Ho, they are still bloody brilliant and their new song believe is worth a download.  

Simple Lip Moisturiser 
This is my ultimate bargain buy from a'll never guess! The 99p store. I absolutely love it and think it could be one of the best lip moisturiser's I have ever bought. It feels glossy and really moustrising on my lips. 
This is a must have for your handbag!

Tangle Teezer
Never in a million years would I think that anyone could have an obsession with a hairbrush..but I have! It is honestly the best brush I have ever used, not only does it make your hair feel so soft and silky after brushing but it gets rid of any and every tangle. They are pretty pricey but worth every penny. You need one of these in your life!

Game Of Thrones
I am probably the last person to join this craze but I am hooked on watching this. It has taken over my life the last few weeks and I can't believe I haven't been obsessed sooner. 
There is something dramatic that happens in every episode and shocking events. I am only half way through but am absolutely loving it. 

What have you been loving this month?

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