Monday, 18 May 2015

A Driven Force - Who Are We?

I attended one of CLIC Sargent's cancer socials at the end of last year and was told there would be an opportunity to be involved in a social enterprise helping to improve cancer services for young adults in Plymouth. It was something I was instantly interested in. 
I went to the first meeting and felt like it was something I could not wait to get my teeth into and I was definitely going to enjoy. 
After a few months of meetings we have already raised £4000 and have a plan in action of how we are going to improve the service in Plymouth. 
Our name, A Driven Force and we are a group of young people, working together to create a change through our differences. 
We all met as strangers and are now a family. We each bring something different to the team which contributes to achieving our ultimate goal which is to improve the teenage and young adult cancer service in Plymouth. 
Our main focus is to create a space in Derriford hospital. The hospital already benefits from brilliant services and support. However the thing that is lacking is a dedicated space, facilities and resources aimed at the specific need for young people. Young people long for a space where they can feel normal where they can relax, either alone or with family and friends; get access information and events and share their thoughts and feelings. We have lots of ideas for this space and have to think about compact living as the space isn't huge. 

I will be updating our journey on my blog as we have many exciting events coming up. 
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