Monday, 21 December 2015


A few weeks ago I wrote a post about being nominated for an award so thought I would update you all on how I got on. I went to the black tie event last week and I didn't win the category I was nominated for, honestly I was amazed to be shortlisted so I wasn't hugely disappointed at all. The guy who won our category, Dan Silver really deserved it for his amazing hard work in fundraising, he's really brilliant!
It was a wonderful event and I felt honored to be a part of it. 

Wednesday, 16 December 2015


As you all know I absolutely love Christmas and sadly I have been feeling a flutter of lack of motivation for my blog, I think it's because this December has been so busy for me.
 I thought that seeing as it's Christmas I would share this festive photo I created to try and spread some Christmas spirit to you all.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015


I can't believe that it is December already! I only realise how much I have been up to  each month when I write these monthly posts. It also seizes to amaze me how I can cram so much into each month. 
On 18th October, my godson Theodore was born. He is the cutest little bundle of joy, I am not biased at all! :) 
I am so lucky to be involved with and supported by such a brilliant charity and was given the opportunity to go to a Plymouth Raiders basketball match, it was my first time and really enjoyed it! If i'm honest, I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did and I definitely want to go again!
Plymouth town is finally looking very festive because the Christmas lights have been turned on.
 It's finally Christmas time!
Me and my fellow volunteer rep, Pete received some brilliant news that we have been selected as a chosen charity for Tavistock Lions Club's annual Christmas tree event after we presented a talk about volunteering and our journeys. 
Expect lots of Christmas themed photo's and post's this year, I become obsessed with Christmas every year so If you are a Christmas scrooge I suggest you leave this blog now. This month Santa arrived at our local garden center so obviously I took little Esmé and she absolutely loved it.
I spent one of my Sunday afternoons visiting our local aquarium with Esmé, Ella and Mum. I don't know how we managed to but we ended up spending all day there gazing at the sea life. 
I managed to fit in some fundraising last month, it was only for a few hours and we raised about £50...every penny helps :)
I went to a CLIC Sargent participant social Christmas event, we visited London and went to watch the Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre and then stuffed our faces with delicious food. It was a bloody brilliant trip and I have to admit that The Lion King is my favourite show I have seen. 
Christmas Jumper night one evening with friends at a Macmillan party. 
I celebrated one of my best chum's birthday's this month! We celebrated by drinking lots of prosecco and dancing the night away!
I also celebrated being 3 year post transplant, usually me and family and friends go out for a nice meal but I decided to change it up a bit this year and celebrated by putting up our Christmas decorations, had a home cooked roast and a delicious cake. 

I wasn't lying when I said this is such a busy month and time of year! 

Wednesday, 2 December 2015


After debating on weather to go to the Aquarium or the Zoo, Esme decided that she would prefer to go and see the jellyfish rather than the gorillas...I'm not going to lie I was completely devastated and had a little tantrum but she is the child so the Aquarium it was!

Eventhough where I live in Plymouth isn't a huge city, we are really lucky to have so many near by attractions and our local Aquarium is a 10 minute drive from my house.

Sunday, 29 November 2015


Today I am celebrating being cancer free for 3 years! 
These posts are becoming more regular than I ever expected and for that I am so thankful and blessed. Obviously I am over the moon to have made it 3 year post stem cell transplant and I know it seems very cliche but I honestly didn't think I would considering the crappy odds of survival I was given. I usually write a long post about how amazing it feels but thought I would leave this short and snappy with a few things I wish to share and say. 
This is obviously a very happy day for myself and my family but I do always think of those who have devastatingly lost their battle which is happening sadly too often and is recently very close to home. 
Something I feel that I can't shift is the guilt, I always ask myself why? why? and feel deeply guilty for still being alive, over these past few years I have witnessed too many young people taken so soon from such an awful disease. Gosh I fucking hate cancer! 
I know I am 3 years on and most of you will think i'm inane still talking about having cancer and my journey and probably think well get over it but it is something that is part of me and I have embraced since being diagnosed.
 Yes I know a lot of people will think that I am better now so i should just shrug it off but I think that I was given a chance for a reason and that is to support others going through this horrible disease and by writing my blog, volunteering, fundraising and charity involvement I am completely enjoying it.
To end this post I wanted to share with you all ways how you can help save lives. It is something I have posted a lot about before and feel extremely passionate about. People don't realise the importance of it until they experience it themselves. If I can achieve anything through my blog, it's raising awareness which is hugely important for not only myself but for every cancer patient. 
Sign up to the Bone Marrow Register!
Give Blood!

Thursday, 26 November 2015


A few days ago I woke up to some pretty amazing news that I have been shortlisted for an award for fundraiser of the year at our annual Pride of Plymouth event. Pride of Plymouth is a celebratory event of achievements that has been running for 3 years, I am over the moon and soo excited.

The award event is in two weeks so I shall keep you updated on how I get on, I have been nominated for the category Fundraiser of the Year and am up against my wingman Pete (If I win, he wins right?) and another fundraiser who we know, Dan. 

To be honest with you, I am no way in the slightest going with the expectations of winning but am really looking forward to dressing up for the black tie event, eating delicious food and drinking wine. 

It should be a brilliant evening, wish me luck!

Monday, 23 November 2015


Another beautiful life taken too soon from cancer. 
I am completely devastated and am lost for words. 
My love and thoughts are with her amazing family and friends. 
Rest peacefully Rhiannon.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015


I have become slightly obsessed with my new gadget. Most of you know that I absolutely love taking photos weather it's capturing moments of events, nature, family or friends, I just love it! 
Not only do I take hundreds of photos, I also love to print them and organise them into photo albums as in the future I want my children and grandchildren to look through photo albums as I enjoy to do this with my parents and grandparents and hate the thought of not being able to because everything being very technical and photos being stored and shared online. 

After my camera breaking the other week I was devastated but cheered myself up by buying a macro lens attachment for my I-Phone for a bargain price of £3. For the price it is excellent, you also receive a wide lens which is pretty cool. 
I thought I would share some of my photos with you. 

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


I have a few photos to share with you this month. 
October has been a busy month, I have fell poorly a few times this month with tonsillitis and an extremely sore throat, the time of year results in a lot of illnesses circling around and I am prone to catching them. 

 I rarely go out drinkingbecause it is difficult for us girls to find time when we are all free. This month it was on of my girls, Maria's birthday and we celebrated by going to Las Iguanas for food and cocktails, she drank non-alcoholic ones as she is expecting baby no2 in February:) It was lovely to spend time all together, laughing, reminiscing and gossiping.
After feeling very poorly and not up to it, I was encouraged by my best chum to go to a boots event that I was invited to by Macmillan Cancer Care. I took some photos on my phone and wrote a separate blog post about this event here if you wish to read more about it. 
I have been obsessed with using my new Macro lens for my I-Phone so the majority of my camera roll is full of amazing photography. I was thinking of maybe sharing these photos on a separate post because I am so obsessed. I bought the lens from ebay for only £'s bloody amazing! It is an attachment that you can clip onto your I-Phone camera and the quality of the photos aren't fantastic but you can't complain for the price.
 I absolutely love fancy dress, I have grown up in a family who always go all out there when it comes to dressing up. My mum even has a fancy dress cupboard full of outfits. 
This month has been Halloween but also me and my family went to a friends joint 50th Birthday Party and the theme was 1950's. Everyone looked brilliant and it was a great evening. 
A monthly photos post would not be the same without featuring this little madam on here! She is so grown up and because she goes to nursery 3 times a week I tend to see her not very often so I treasure the times I do. 
This month we met up and had a little play date with my friend Maria and her little boy. Believe it or not...we spent nearly 5 hours in a garden center, bloody crazy. We chattered, drank coffee, ate lunch and let the little ones run around in the park, they play lovely together. 
October is the month of Halloween celebrations and me, my family and friends spent the weekend away at a caravan park in Looe, about 30 minutes drive from home. 
We had a brilliant weekend and obviously went all out there on fancy dress. Esme dressed up as Maleficent, my cousin made it and she won the children's fancy dress competition. That was a huge highlight of the weekend. I have featured a photo of my amazing pumpkin carving skills because I was too excited and proud not to. It is the first pumpkin I have carved other than a smiley face. 

Have you had a lovely month? What have you been up to?