Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Year

2013 has been a great year. I have been living in the fast lane and been super busy. In this new year I want to focus on myself stay happy & healthy. This year I am looking forward to a lot of thing's...My 21st Birthday, Getting the ALL CLEAR in November, going on holidays & going back to college/work. Since leaving hospital I have wanted to go abroad & this year I am going to. My main focus this year is my health, I hope to stay healthy & cancer free forever!:). I also hope to try and relax more & not get so anxious when meeting new people. Anyone who has battled cancer will understand that it does knock your confidence a lot. Health wise, I have passed my year post transplant and am feeling really well. I still have a dampened immune system and suffer with chronic fatigue & pain in my muscles but I am alive and feel really grateful. I am much weaker than I was before I was faced with cancer due to having a lot of treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy & SCT) and having too much iron in my blood doesn't help. I have researched and swimming is the best way to relieve muscle stiffness so I plan to go twice a week, it's worth a try.
In 2014 I hope to -

Improve my fitness.

Feel less fatigued. 

Raise more awareness of teenage cancer through my blog.

Get another tattoo.


Get the ALL CLEAR!

Always smiling x

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  1. Hey Elisha it's Matt - Just wanted to say I've read your blogs back to your first birthday and I think they're fantastic :) you're such an amorous and incredible person and have come such a long way, I wish you the best for this year and hope you achieve all that you set out to do - best wishes x