Saturday, 13 December 2014

Christmas Countdown☃❅GIVING❅☃

Something that makes me smile the most at Christmas is giving to others. Personally I would rather give presents on Christmas than receive them. Obviously it is lovely and I appreciate all of the presents I receive but I love to buy my family nice gifts. I also go a bit over the top and find it hard to stop buying. I do get stick off some people when I buy the youngest member of the family a sack each but honestly If that's what I love to spend my money on....leave me be :)  
Not only is Christmas about giving presents but it is also the time of year when I think about people less fortunate than myself. Yes I have had a shitty few years but there is always somebody a lot worse off than myself. It upsets me that there are people in this world who wont enjoy their Christmas day half as much as I do because they don't have a loving family around them or they simply cannot afford to buy food let alone a gift at Christmas. I find this time of year everyone is a lot more giving and compassionate for those less fortunate. In our house we usually have a big sort out of stuff we don't need or use like old toys, clothes, shoes etc before Christmas and give bags and bags to charity shops. I have recently completed a bucket collection to raise money for CLIC Sargent and found that a lot of people donated money which is amazing. 
You don't have to be rich or have money to give to people. You could help someone out by just talking to them and giving your time, or even simply being kind of giving your love to someone who needs it. 

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