Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas Countdown☃❅WINTER WALKS ❅☃

I can't believe that it is the 9th December already! This month is going super fast and my week already has been so busy. The weather has been really freezing lately and as much as I hate being cold the best thing about this cold weather is wrapping up warm. Wearing a thick coat, woolly scarf, leather gloves, fluffy socks and boots (mostly wellies). Even though the weather is so cold I love to go out in it...unless its raining or really windy. I love days that are really cold but really blue skies......bliss. 
I have a little Yorkie dog, Jay Jay so I take him on daily walks (when I am not busy gallivanting) I also live on the back of a huge woods and this is usually my local walking spot unless we go anywhere else to walk him, usually Plymouth Hoe or Saltram house. Every time I wear my wellies I stomp through the muddy puddles and river...such a child I know! 
Not only do I walk the dog but randomly myself and the girls will go for a walk somewhere, usually on the Moors. It has beautiful landscape and is really nice to just walk and talk. It is something we enjoy to do and it's free...bonus. 
Call me weird but lately I have an obsession with scenery and appreciating how beautiful some natural views are. When driving and going on my travels up and down the country I always see such amazing landscapes, hills, sunsets, I find them all so beautiful. Especially sun sets, In the summer the hill I drive down in my road has the most amazing spot for a sunset...I am now going to bore you with some photo's I have taken (another obsession of mine) of winter walks & beautiful scenery. Enjoy :) 

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