Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas Countdown☃❅CHRISTMAS FILMS❅☃

When planning these posts I wrote down in one of my million notebooks what things I love about Christmas time which took me a minute or so. What I haven't planned is what order I am going to write these posts. It sort of comes naturally each day what to write about and today is Christmas Films. This weekend for me has been a pretty chilled one. I stayed in last night and looked after my sister Ella while my mum and dad went out, I also had my little niece Esme stay over. Little did I know (until 1:30am) that Esme has picked up a tummy bug and she was up all night being sick bless her! She was sick this morning so she is not feeling well at all she also wanted to stay with me today as she loves her aunty 'moo moo' a lot!. This leads me onto today's post...Christmas films. So being stuck in today with a poorly niece has meant a lazy day for me. Her favorite film at the moment is The Polar Express so we watched that film then ended up watching The Grinch, Frozen and Tangled. When I say watched I mean watched whilst playing and occupying Esme.
Watching Christmas films always gets me in the festive mood and there are so many great Christmas films around I just love it. To be honest I don't need to use Esme as an excuse to watch Christmas movies as I love them all just as much...who doesn't?

What are your favourite Christmas films??

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