Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas Countdown☃❅ADVENT CALENDARS❅☃

Firstly, sorry I have posted this post a day late I had a super busy day yesterday. Secondly, I can't believe that it is the 5th December already! Opening my Christmas calender this morning made me think how much I look forward to it every day...not just because of eating the chocolate believe it or me it's the countdown to Christmas I enjoy. This year I have a simple Malteser, Merryteaser calendar..a bit boring I know. It is crazy what different calendars you can get, candles and even makeup products. Last year I had a Yankee candle calendar and it was amazing! I didn't use the candles each day like I planned to do so. I actually ended up saving them all and using them throughout the first months of new year. I am a candle obsessive and have so many I don't end up using them and give them to my mum to use. The year I was in hospital was the best advent calender I have ever had! It was so brilliant! My amazing friend Kathy and her family made me a present advent calendar as I was in hospital during the Christmas countdown I had a present to cheer me up and open each morning. Not only did I enjoy it so much but the nurses who looked after me would be so excited to wake me up in the morning to see what gift was next. I have previously written a blog post about it here
It is something I will never forget and still appreciate so much to this day. 
I have always wanted to try the make up advent calendars but they are pretty expensive...maybe one day. 
I will list some of the advent calendars mentioned if you are interested in any of them for next year.

 1. Merryteaser - You can buy this in any local supermarket.
2. Benefit Advent Advent Calendar - SOLD OUT
3. Yankee Candle Advent Calendar - BUY HERE
4. Lego Advent Calendar - SOLD OUT


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