Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Countdown☃❅PANTOMIME❅☃


It's Christmas day tomorrow! I can't wait! SANTA is coming this evening! 
It is CHRISTMAS EVE and such a busy day for me. Not only is it Christmas eve but it is also my auntie's birthday, so every year we have celebrated that as well as it being Christmas eve. For ever since I can remember we have visited the theater and watched the Christmas pantomime.  Hence the randomness of today's favourite. Every year they have something different and I have watched so many I couldn't name half of them. I can't remember when our Christmas eve tradition started but our day consists of going to my Auntie's for some Christmas nibbles lunch where we eat cheese, cooked ham rolls, snack on nuts and crisp. We then go to the theater (when I say we I mean all out my immediate family) My amazing nan pays for us all as part of a Christmas gift. This year the panto was Jack and The Beanstalk and to be honest I didn't go much on this years but Bobby Davro was in it so it was pretty funny. 
It always makes me feel so Christmassy going to the panto on Christmas eve as it is tradition and the whole family look forward to it and have a great time. Except my Dad who regularly falls asleep through it, classic. This year little Esme came with us and loved it. She's only 2 and really took it all in bless her. I have just dropped her and my cousin home and watched her get the food and drink out for santa and his reindeer's. I am so blessed to have a little one in my life who makes Christmas still magical. LOVE IT!
I am looking forward to Christmas day so much! I can't wait to give family the presents I have bought them:) 

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