Wednesday, 3 December 2014


I came across this weeks quote by reading a blog online about an amazing woman who has fought cancer many times. I found it such an inspiring blog and took the quote above from it. you can read her blog here
I have learnt so much about my self during my cancer journey. The one thing I have learnt that I constantly live by is looking at life in a totally different perspective. I appreciate the little things a lot more than before. I have also learnt to stay strong at even the weakest of times. I used to be an emotional wreck before having cancer and because of  everything that has happened, I am not so easily saddened by things. 

Most excitingly it has encouraged me to give back to others. Before having cancer I would most likely be sat behind a desk doing something I didn't enjoy as a career. Now being post treatment, I am a volunteer representative for the charity CLIC Sargent who have supported me since my diagnosis. I am still volunteering as am still recovering from transplant but love what I do so much. 

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