Thursday, 4 December 2014

Christmas Countdown☃❅WRAPPING PRESENTS❅☃

Seeing as it is the festive season and already the 4th of December most of us would have started Christmas wrapping. Me and my mum started last night, we had the Christmas tunes on and wrapped presents for about 3 hours. Crazy! Usually I don't bother going all fancy when it comes to wrapping but this year I have decided to make more of an effort with wrapping presents. I have loved making them look really fancy by adding some pretty ribbon and bows. I have also bought some really cute gift stickers to write family names on. It is really amazing what difference a few little touches make to a present and how lovely they look. I have nearly completed all of my Christmas shopping already and I can't bloody believe it! I have gone overboard on buying this year especially for the littler ones. I just love to give at Christmas and am the type of person who would rather give than receive. Here are some ideas you can use to wrap your gifts this year. 

 I hope you are all starting to wrap your gifts as it only 

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