Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Countdown☃❅SANTA❅☃

The most magical thing about Christmas is Santa. As a baby Santa was the scary man with a big beard, as a child Santa was the big fat man with the huge white beard who rode a sleigh pulled by reindeer and delivers you everything on your Christmas list down your chimney, now as an adult I feel joy how magical Santa is for children. I am not a parent myself yet but realise how much Christmas can cost. This year my younger sister is starting to grow out of the whole believing in Santa thing but thankfully our house is still very magical due to my crazy family. We have my niece Esme too who is only two so there is still some magical Christmas spirit here. I love Christmas day and watching them open everything they wished for. 
When I was younger my parents went all out there with the whole Santa situation and used to stomp icing sugar boots around the house. Crazy!
I feel weird being 21 and enjoying Christmas so much, people my age usually enjoy it to get drunk and celebrate but honestly I love the fact of spending time with my wonderful family. I think that because we have little ones in the family still it is exciting for us. I have friends who have no young family members so Christmas day becomes sort of boring for them.
Last night I had an amazing opportunity with a cancer charity to go on a trip on the polar express train.Not on my own of course, I took Ella and Esme with me. I don't know if you have watched the film but it was exactly like the film. A train took us to the 'North Pole', we drank hot chocolate and Santa boarded the train and gave the children magical bells. It made me feel really festive and full of joy watching how excited my sister and niece were. 

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