Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A Little Trip To Newquay Zoo

I celebrated Esme's 3rd birthday this weekend and me and the family visited Newquay Zoo. 

I obviously couldn't resist taking my camera to take lots of snaps. 

Me and my family agreed that this is one of the best zoo's we have visited, on that note, we have only visited 3. You have a closer interaction with the animals and there isn't too many animals to visit so you can have a relaxing stroll around rather than rushing to see all of the animals. It is a lot smaller than Paignton zoo which was beneficial for myself and Nan who struggle with our walking.  
The only negative thing about this zoo is that they don't have a lot of larger animals like the gorillas, elephants and giraffes. 

What is your favourite animal at the zoo? and Do you have a zoo near you? 

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