Wednesday, 10 June 2015

May Favourites

Hello May!
I have found a few new products this month that I absolutely love and some old favourites that I have started using again. 

I have been using the D & G perfume for a few years. My mum bought a bottle for me for Christmas and since then I have bought it and been using it ever since. I love the fruity floral fragrance and it is very long lasting.
 At £39.99 it is pretty pricey but every time I go to an airport, which is very rarely, it is always really cheap with duty free discount, priced at £27. 
The second bottle is a perfume from New Look and it smells amazing. It was a birthday gift and I have only started using it this month but absolutely love it. The scent lasts all day long and I have had a few compliments from friends about how lovely it smells.
 It is a great day perfume if you don't want to spend too much on a daily perfume, priced at around £9.99.

I absolutely love this hand cream. Since being in hospital I have had a huge obsession with hand cream, after using hand sanitiser for months it made my hands really dry and using hand cream helped soften my hands. My friend bought me this when I was poorly for one of my presents for Christmas in hospital and I have been purchasing it ever since. I have bought so many different hand creams, I use them all the time! (no exaggeration!) 
This is not just my favourtie one this month, but the best one I have ever used. 

I have been burning and loving this candle so much this month. It is a limited edition Christmas candle so I am unsure if it is currently on sale. I bought a candle last year that I used to love and burn all the time and couldn't find it online anywhere, It was mint scented and I bought this one to try instead. I have bought many Yankee candles before and you can't beat them. They last a very long time and smell delicious. 

This eye shadow was a freebie in a goody bag that I received when I went to Watergate Bay with the Teenage Cancer Tust. Obviously I was excited when I saw free makeup in a goody bag...what girl wouldn't be?
 There are lots of cancer perks and free make up is definitely one of them! 
I have been using this eye shadow ever since. I love that it is a neutral colour that I can wear as a daily shadow. I rarely wear eye shadow in the day time but have been putting a sweep over my eyelid and love the natural look.

This is a band who I have been listening to for around a year and have recently found my love for their songs again. I have too many albums stored on my SD Card for my car and I constantly change tracks. I have such a genre of music that I enjoy and spend my life constantly listening to it.
If you haven't listened to their album, you should download it NOW!

What have you been loving this month?


  1. I may have to try that Garnier hand cream as my hands get soooooo dry after I wash them - another REALLY good one that I always use is The Body Shops hemp hand protector, it's designed for very dry hands and it really does the job!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. Honestly, I swear it is the best one I have used. My hands feel so moisturised and don't feel like I have hand cream on, some creams can leave your hands feeling quite sticky. Oh yes the hemp protector is good, I have used that a few times! :)