Tuesday, 16 June 2015

A Little Trip To London

When I was given tickets to the Rays Of Sunshine concert, I decided to book a hotel for the evening so we could spend a day in London. I took my little sissy, Ella and seeing as she has never been sight seeing in London, I thought it would be perfect to spend some time together and to tour the city for the day. 
TOP TIP - You can't pay for bus fare with coins you have to buy a ticket before hand unless you have a con tactless card which luckily I had. I would also suggest getting a pass for the bus, especially if you have mobility issues. 
Being a tourist means only one thing....lots of photos! 

  We went into the Buckingham Palace shop, they had so many royal theme gifts like magnets, tea sets, clothes and books.  
It was a very pricey shop and was interesting to see the variety of souvenirs.

My amazing organisation and planning skills resulted in us arriving at Bucking Palace just before the changing of the guards. It was great to experience a full changing ceremony with bands and armed guards marching to the palace gates. 
It was very busy, considering it was a Monday morning. 
That's just the craziness of London I guess! 
 We seen so many tourists who had traveled from around the world and it made me appreciate living so close to such an amazing city. 

 After watching the changing of the guards, we decided to go for a sit down in the park.

 We couldn't resist buying some Nutella waffles in the park. 

Full of appealing nature and wildlife.


My camera decided to run out of battery so this was the last photo I took from my travels. 

Have you ever visited London? 
Where is your favourite place to visit in London?

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