Thursday, 25 April 2013

Wedding In A Brewery

When I was diagnosed I didn't was dreading having to stay in hospital for months and miss all of 2012 planned events. The birth of my niece & my auntie and uncles wedding. I really wished and wished that I was well enough to make it to the wedding.

As the wedding date came closer I was expecting the worst. I had been looking forward to the wedding for a few years and my auntie and uncle asked me to be a witness along with my cousin. I was over the moon and couldn't wait, I just had to wait for the doctors decision on when I would start my next round of chemotherapy. September 15th came and luckily my doctors allowed me to attend the day and stay overnight. AMAZING NEWS . Although I had to return to hospital early in the morning to start my next and final round of chemotherapy I was so grateful to be able to attend. 
The wedding was at St Austell brewery. I got picked up from the hospital and travelled straight there. My family were all already at the hotel as they went up the night before and had a meal etc. I was bit gutted I missed that but so so happy I could make it to the wedding day. When I arrived my auntie was getting ready for her big day. My best friend Kate was doing her makeup and she looked beautiful.
Everyone was relaxed and getting ready for the big day. Ella was a bridesmaid and looked really beautiful. 
I decided to wear my wig to the wedding (it's the only time I have wore it really.) I didn't know a lot of people who were attending and felt more comfortable wearing it. A lot of people said if they didn't know they wouldn't have noticed it was a wig this made me feel good. 

They had an amazing wedding cake. Not just an ordinary wedding cake, but a cheese cake 'literally' it had different cheese tiers. We ate the cheese in the evening with a selection of assorted breads, chutneys and grapes etc. YUM YUM

 I had such an amazing, busy day. Tired was an understatement It but luckily my auntie and uncle drove their camper van and parked it outside the brewery so I was able have a few naps throughout the day which made me feel much better:) It felt nice to get away from hospital and forget.  After such a fantastic day we all travelled back to the hotel where we stayed and all woke up together and had a lovely full english breakfast. After, I returned to the hospital to have my next round of chemotherapy and to continue my journey to fight cancer. 

Always smiling x

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