Thursday, 25 April 2013

Esmé Lumen Tomlinson

June 3rd 2012 was another day that changed my life..the day I became an Auntie. (Well 'sort of' - my cousin had a baby but we are like It was the most exciting time in my life. Although I was sad at the same time as I couldn't see her in person or hold her until I had a hospital 'break' home but we did Skype every day, and my cousin Skyped me when she was in labour crazy I know.
Esmé Lumen Tomlinson was born at 8:55 weighing 8lbs. I had my first cuddle with her on the 2nd July, when she was nearly a month old. It did upset me that I couldn't hold her before then but it meant that I had so much to look forward to while in hospital and kept me fighting. I had a lot of cuddles that day, It is weird to think that this was nearly a year ago.
Me having my first cuddle with her was so emotional I actually cried! 
The little girl on my left is my younger sissy, Ella who I love lots too.  
There's nothing more I love than spending time with my wonderful family.

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