Thursday, 25 April 2013

Brother's Prom

Even though I was Isolated in hospital for 8 months I managed to be involved in as much I could with the events we had planned throughout the year. Although It was hard not being as there in person. 
One thing I was really upset about missing was my younger brothers prom. Who doesn't want to see their little brother all dressed up in a suit looking his best? Unfortunately I couldn't leave the hospital to go to his prom as I was in isolation, I was devastated. On his prom evening he surprised me and took a detour in his limo to the hospital dressed in his prom suit. Because I had really amazing nurses they let me quickly go out of my room so I could have a few photos taken with him, he looked handsome! 
Me and my brother.
My family skyped me so I could see him turn up in his posh limo.

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