Wednesday, 24 April 2013

40 Days

Because my immune system was non existent after having my chemotherapy, I stayed in an isolated room. This meant that I couldn't leave the room until my blood cell count was at a certain level. It used to take up to 30 - 40 days. 
Yes..It did get extremely boring and annoying, and I had to find a lot of things to do to keep myself occupied so I didn't go stir crazy.
There are a number of things me and my family used to do in hospital to keep ourselves occupied.
  • Watch TV - it wastes so many hours.
  • Watch DVD's - I watched all my favourite films, then went onto watching boxsets. Prison Break, The Vampire Diaries, Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility.
  • Complete work - Any college or uni work you have to complete. I finished some of my business apprenticeship paperwork.
  • Do A LOT of word puzzles - Word Search, Quizzes, Sudoku and Crosswords.
  • Colouring - As 'childish' as it sounds I found that colouring used up a lot of time and whatever your age, it is always fun to do. 
  • Painting by numbers - Another 'childish' thing to do but you'll be surprised how many hours you can kill when you're concentrating.
  • Jigsaw puzzles - These again are very time consuming and always fun to do when you have nothing to do.
  • Blog & Vlog - This is one thing I wish I had done whilst in hospital but it never crossed my mind. I was too focused on getting better.  It wasn't until when I left hospital and someone said to me that I should start blogging. One thing I regret is not starting one in hospital. I recorded a lot in a notebook which was useful when I started to write my blog. 
  • Youtube - Watching you tube can be so interesting and time killing as start watching a video and then 3 hours later you are watching a dog talking. What!!
  • Board Games - Monopoly, scrabble, guess who and card games. 
  • I pad/PS3/Xbox - The internet is very time consuming i-pad apps can take up a lot of time, my auntie bought me the sims 3 so I spent a lot of time building my dream house. 
  • Skype - This was a huge life saver during my treatment. I could keep in contact with all my friends and family and was never alone as could always Skype people. I had time slots and used to Skype at least a few people a day.  I watched my cousin in labour on Skype and even went to a few parties. 
At times we would even make up our own games. Once when I was sleeping my mum and friend Kate thought it would be funny to play buckaroo on me and try and place as many items on my body before I woke up. This became a regular game for us to play and passed a lot of time. You have to see the funny side of things when you are in a situation like this. :)
Me and my mum on Skype to my brother & sister.

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