Friday, 26 April 2013

Christmas Surprises

Unfortunately I was told that I would most likely be spending my Christmas in hospital. I felt devastated as Christmas is a really special time for me and my family. We go all out and have EVERYONE round for dinner and it was also little Esme's first Christmas so would be even more special. The thought of missing it upset me so much and made me cry.
 One person who made my Christmas time really super special when I was in hospital was my very special friend Kath and her amazing mumma. At the end of November, Kath came to visit me in hospital and brought up a huge bag full of gifts. She said that her and her mum had wrapped a present up for me for each day in december so it was like an advent calendar but a present  instead. It was really EXCITING and was so so thoughtful of her and her mumma. 

December 1st came and I was so excited to wake up to open my first gift. Each day I would look forward to see what would be next, it was such a thoughtful thing to do and made my time in hospital a lot more enjoyable . I love kathy and her mum and appreciate it so much! :) THANK YOU so much! I can't thank them enough x
I took a photo of each present as family & friends were getting involved and asking me to let them know what I got each day, everyone was excited :) Even the nurses and hospital staff would wake me up early in the morning as they were so excited to see what the present would be that day.

 Luckily I was discharged from hospital on 23rd December, 2 days before Christmas which was fantastic. I was also able to go to the pantomime on Christmas eve, which we do every year. It's a family tradition as it's my aunties birthday.

My Christmas Day was spent at my Auntie and Uncle's house (the ones who got married) Wedding In A Brewery . It was a special day and we opened gifts, had a huge roast dinner, ate chocolates and watched crappy Christmas tv. 

 It's a Christmas I will never forget and was so lucky to spend it with my family. 

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