Wednesday, 8 June 2016


So we are already half way through the year and I am still baffled about how time can flash by yet how long ago the beginning of may seems. I have written a lot of separate posts this month that feature in these collages so feel free to read my last few blog posts if you want to read more. 
It was my Dad's birthday and we celebrated by having a nice family meal and my Dad finished the day watching football and drinking a beer..perfect..for him!
My Auntie Kirsty and her partner, Dave got married this month and she had a wedding that was one of a kind, a festival wedding! It was bloody amazing! 
I have spent a lot of time with my little munchkins this month so obviously had to share some adorable, cute photo's of them. All 3 of them are growing too fast.
My Wig Wednesday event was such a big success I couldn't not feature it in my month in photos. We spent other day selling tea, cakes and raffle tickets and raised an amazing total of £1,015. How brilliant it that! 'Proud Moment!' 
 Me and my best chum went to the Radio 1's Big Weekend in Exeter, Powderham Castle. I was very lucky to go as me and the girls all tried to get tickets and only Kate managed to get 2, only for the first day but it was brilliant! I had one of the best nights! 
I have been travelling a lot this year! I was asked by NCVO to attend the volunteers week launch breakfast in London. I was asked to do a talk about why I volunteer in front of 90 people. The breakfast was at the top of the BT Tower in London, 190m high and has the fastest lift in Europe. 
Look at the beautiful view!
I hope you have all had a brilliant month! Sorry I have been a bit absent from writing, I have been a busy bee and finding the time to sit, relax with a cuppa is rare these past few weeks. 

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