Monday, 16 May 2016


It has always been a dream of mine  to rent a car  in America and road trip across the beautiful country exploring and admiring the gorgeous views. One that's always crossed my mind is the historic Route 66 road trip, starting in the beautiful Californian city, L.A. Wouldn't it be amazing to explore a country in a rented car, listening to some great music. Turo has personal touches just like this, as well as listing your car and rent someone else's, some rides come equipped with some tunes to set the mood for you so renters feel as though they are making your experience that little bit more special. You can check out their website and see more about them at 
My taste of music is extremely varied, from old soul to new RnB I could be belting out to a bit of Stevie Wonder one minute and classically singing along to the Les Miserables soundtrack the next. 
Here is my perfect road trip playlist, not in an order just some of my favourite songs to sing, dance and just chill to in the car. 
Otis Redding - Try a little tenderness
This is a song that I just can't help but sing along to, a very slow start to the song but soon speed up during the chorus where you can involve a bit of shoulder shaking.
Stevie Wonder - Master blaster
I am such a huge fan of Stevie and honestly any of his songs can get me into the mood of singing and dancing but this has to be by far my favourite. I don't know half of the lyrics or I like to think I do and make a lot of them up but the beat of the song is enough to instantly put me in a happy mood
Destiny's Child - Survivor 
Such a girls in the car song, honestly if this song come on in my car me and the girls know every single word to it and even include our amazing head tapping moves. It is one of those classic songs everyone loves and knows of. 
Mumford and Sons - Babel
Being my favourite band, I couldn't leave mumford and sons out of my playlist could I? I would happily listen to all of their albums during my road trip but thought a variety of songs would be nice. Babel is definitely another dance in the car song, or maybe more of a gentle head bang. 
Jay Z and Alicia Keys - Empire state of mind
New York! This song definitely fits the American road trip theme and is 'my song' it's one of those that plays everywhere I go/travel to, I am completely awful at rapping Jay-Z's part It is certainly on the road trip playlist. 

Time for more of a mellow mood as we are watching the sun set, but my perfect road trip, however crazy wouldn't be complete without a few mellow songs just to feel relaxed and appreciate beautiful surroundings. 
Ben Howard - Keep your head up
James Bay - Running 
Seafret - Oceans
Adele - Hometown glory
What would be your perfect road trip playlist? I would love to hear your favourite songs to drive along to. 

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