Tuesday, 29 September 2015



  1. Hi Elisha, I stumbled across your blog through a post on the Macmillan online community. My name is Grace and I have also had AML and and sibling-donor SCT. I am just over 7 months post transplant and doing reasonably with just a bit of bother with some GvHD in my liver but this seems to be resolving. Your blog is really great and really wonderful resource for people with AML. I have recently started my own blog, leoaftercancer.blogspot.com. Would you mind if I put up a link to your blog on there (not that I get much traffic at the moment haha) but I think it's really important that people can find these resources and personal experiences. Best wishes, Grace x

    1. sorry that should read leoaftercancer.blogspot.co.uk not .com!

    2. Hi Grace, Oh really that's amazing. It's brilliant to hear from other patients. I am going to be busy this evening spending it with a cup of tea and reading through your blog. At first glance it looks amazing! I wouldn't mind you sharing my blog at all :) I have found lots of cancer blogs over the past 2 years. I will also share your blog on my site if that's okay? I usually write a post of reviews but I can see that you have links on your blog page so I may try and work out how to do that, it is a great idea! I love to read blogs, especially people who have been through what we have and understand :) I wish you all the best lovely, would love to talk in more detail if you fancy a chitchat?
      You look amazing! Elisha xx

    3. Thanks hun, it's still early days with regards to the blog but I have loads of stuff I feel like I want to write about and I feel like it's a good way to focus on something, I'm sure you know how I feel. I haven't actually shared it with friends and family yet. I'm not quite sure why. They know it exists and that I've been writing but I don't know how I feel about them reading it just yet. Sometimes I find it's easier to just talk to cyberspace and strangers! I think I might share it with them soon though. It's great to read about someone further down the line to me, especially someone young, and it gives me a lot of hope and hair envy! Whenever I searched for AML-specific blogs in the past I could only really find parents writing about their children's journeys or much older people. It's funny really that in the tech-savvy world we live in our demographic isn't more out-there. Perhaps I have been looking in the wrong places? I don't know. Anyway, yeah please feel free to share my blog. I have been making my way through your older posts too tonight. :) Great to "meet" you. Grace xx

    4. You have a brilliant blog considering it is only early days for you :) I felt that when I first started writing this blog it was an easier way to let family and friends know and understand what has happened because I had so many people message me I thought why not post it all on a blog. They mostly read the posts that interest them I think. One of the reasons I started my blog was to raise awareness because I felt that when I was going through my experience I didn't meet anyone my age with the same cancer as myself, It wasn't until I left hospital that I met another girl who sadly passed away a few months on. I have "met" quite a few young people with cancer online through local support groups, facebook pages and some bloggers. Are you in any local support groups where you live? How are you doing/feeling lovely? I am currently fighting an infection, yes nearly 3 years on and I am still experiencing set backs from my transplant. But I am alive and happy so that's all that matters. Great to "meet you" too. Elisha :) xx