Tuesday, 8 September 2015


September is blood cancer awareness month and as most of you know, this is incredibly important to me. Since my diagnosis in 2012 - 3 flipping years ago! I have been doing as much as I can to raise awareness of cancer and share the importance of raising money for cancer support charities. 

In a previous blog post I mentioned that this month is childhood cancer awareness month, well it also happens to be blood cancer awareness month which is very close to my heart. 
After receiving a late diagnosis with Leukaemia, I now suffer with the long term effects caused by this so by raising awareness of some symptoms of blood cancer could save someone else suffering. 

The UK's biggest blood cancer charity who was once called Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research has now changed it's name to bloodwise. They research, help, share learning, campaign and raise money. A pretty awesome charity right?

For blood cancer awareness month I would like to shine a light on blood cancer so I am going to post several posts related to this. They will involve talking about different cancers and their symptoms so please don't read this and crap yourself thinking you have cancer because it is very unlikely that you do.

I also understand that talking about cancer can be a sore subject to a lot of people but after going through it myself I feel I can easily open up about it and want to use this as a way to raise awareness (this was the reason why I started writing my blog). 
I understand how people feel who have lost loved ones to this cruel disease and feel for people who have or are suffering with the evil C. 

Are you doing anything this month to raise awareness of blood or childhood cancer?

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