Monday, 24 November 2014

My Month In Photos | October 2014

This is becoming a regular photo post every month of Esme so I thought why not include some play date photos I took in October. I see Esme quite a lot in the week and we have such a strong bond, I am a very proud aunty of the cute, brainbox, little girl she is becoming. Our play dates include going for short walks, visiting friends and family and simply just painting, cooking or playing with toys. She can easily brighten up my date if I am having one of those 'down' days. :) Happy Days
On a rainy day I visited Plymouth Museum with my family and had a great time. We used to go to the museum a lot and thought we would go back and take Esme to occupy her for a few hours. I had a lot of fun you can see ^^^^. Also I find museums so interesting, it was never my strong subject at school but I do enjoy learning about History. Interesting!
Myself and my amazing family and friends completed the stand up to cancer march. Stand up to cancer is a charitable program to raise awareness and money for cancer research UK. The money raised goes straight to traditional research. This year they had a march on cancer event where thousands of people marched in 15 different cities. One of them was Plymouth so without a thought, a huge group of my family and friends decided to go for it. The atmosphere was amazing and although not a huge lot of people participated, it was better than nothing. I am going to raise so much awareness when it comes to Plymouth next year...everyone will be doing it! 
Here are some amazing photos of my lovely family friends Nicola and Georgia's graduation. They now both have a teaching degree.  I am really proud and so happy for them both. :) 

October only means one thing...HALLOWEEN. I love halloween and have done ever since I was little. My mum used to host a party every year for me and my siblings and we would have our friends around and of course go trick or treating. I remember one year when we were really little and you used to have to make your own halloween mum still loves to make hers now. Usually halloween can become boring when you are older but my family and friends still celebrate and throw a huge party. My best chum Kate is amazing at makeup, hence why my gruesome make up looks so bloody good. She uses tissue and liquid latex then a lot of blood and eye shadows, she should do it as a profession shes that brill. My mum (5th photo) made her halloween costume as she does every year and seen this on pinterest...anyone guess what it is?....Operation the game. Haha it was hilarious as she made the body parts so they would come off and  even made a pair of tongs buzz when they picked them up. My nan was there and still enjoys dressing up and having fun, never too old to celebrate halloween. 

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