Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Give Blood

After listening to this advert on the radio it made me think and appreciate everything. This post is to raise awareness the importance of giving blood....I feel like a huge hypercritical person right now as I am currently having venesection's which is when I have a pint of blood taken and thrown away!...I am having these due to the hugely high iron count in my blood which was ridiculously high but luckily it is decreasing after a long year of having them. So I questioned the nurses what they do with the blood they take out and they said they have to discard it due to all the treatment I have received and having a super duper high iron count it cannot be used to donate. 
During my time in hospital, I didn't think about it much but people were saving my life everyday. Yes the doctors and nurses that cared for me but during my hospital stay I must have had around 100 blood and platelet transfusions and didn't think at the time that the blood was donated by a stranger and how important it is to donate blood. Without those amazing people that donated blood, myself and a lot of other people wouldn't be alive today. I am hugely appreciative of all the people that donate blood! 
A unit of blood has a shelf life of 35 days. Hospitals in England and North Wales need around 7,000 units of blood every day to treat patients in urgent need and each unit donated could help save or improve the lives of up to three people. Besides being crucial to care in A&E, blood is used to treat a lot of patients with cancer, blood disorders as well as women needing blood during childbirth. It is so important!!
 I am not able to donate blood now due to my condition but I know a fair few people that do. I am just one of the millions of people who have received at least one blood transfusion. 

It is so important that people continue giving blood..



  1. Hi my name is Tamirah and I am researching blogs for my marketing and social media class project. I loved reading this post because I hate needles. I protest giving blood to the fullest! Now, I have a bigger outlook on giving blood, it helps people who really need it and, although, I knew that its good to be reminded. I just wanted to let you know that your blogs really did inspire me, in the short time I read them. Thanks a lot and keep typing!

  2. Hi Tamirah, I am glad you enjoyed reading my posts. My main aim is to raise awareness but I have also developed this passion to blog and I really enjoy it. Thank you for leaving your lovely comment!