Thursday, 13 November 2014

Malcolm Sargent House Young Adults Weekend

This month I was really lucky to have the opportunity to stay at the CLIC Sargent charity Malcolm Sargent House in Scotland. This was my third stay at MSH since my diagnosis and it is such a beautiful place. The landscape in Scotland is so breathtaking. I was invited by CLIC Sargent to attend a young adults week (ages 20-24) even though only 3 of us turned up we has such an amazing time. 
I made the stupid mistake of driving up....yes I am crazy! Getting there wasn't too bad at all, it was the driving back that was awful! I felt tired and drained by the end of the week and nearly had a nervous breakdown on the way home but after a 8 hour drive we made it! 
We had a very interesting, chilled out week. I traveled up with my cousin Demi and we met Judith who is another patient. She's lovely. It was nice to be able to share stories and build a new friendship throughout the week. Our week consisted of a plan of activities to do during the week, we had the option to participate if we wanted to. I love that the staff at the house never pressure you to go to day trips, you have your own choice if you want to go. 

Jewelry Making
We attended a jewelry making class which was really fun and interesting. I have never considered making jewelry before as I thought it wouldn't be my thing but surprisingly I really enjoyed it. We learnt how to make a simple set of jewelry, a bracelet, necklace and dangle earrings. I don't wear necklaces often unless they are really dainty or big and chunky. I always wear bracelets and earrings and am always questioning how handmade jewelry is made. Not only did I enjoy learning how to make jewelry but we were told how cheap you can make jewelry for and how to make a profit if I was to sell it. I can't say I am going to open my own shop and start selling jewelry but it is useful to know if I sell jewelry for a stall in the future.
I enjoyed it so much that I decided to buy a jewelry making kit. As we took the class we were offered the jewelry making starter kit at a discounted price so I thought why not! It is always useful to have to make as gifts for birthdays and Christmas. It is a new hobby of mine, I have already made a few bracelets and earrings since being home. I may write a blog post on how to make jewelry so keep a look out.

Now a lot of you will be thinking Ikea? One of the days we were given the opportunity to go to Braehead shopping center. Judith lives in Scotland so she wasn't too bothered about going but she did say that there was an Ikea across the road from the shopping center so myself and Demi decided to shop there for a few hours instead. We were both Ikea virgins and were so excited to go. I have always wanted to go to an Ikea store as the nearest one to home is quite far away. I wanted to buy everything in the store! Everything is such a reasonable price. There are some amazing home decor ideas, I just loved it all! I am just gutted that I don't have my own  house that I can decorate, I am stuck with my box room which is already over decorated. I did pick up a few bits. A drawer separator, which I have always wanted. I also picked up a few candles, anyone who knows me will know that I am obsessed with candles. The ones at Ikea smelt amazing  and were low priced so I picked up quite a few of them. 
After walking around the store for 2 hours, we decided to have some lunch in the Ikea cafe which was also reasonably priced. My auntie recommended the Swedish meatballs to us and they were so yummy. After having some lunch and a coffee, we walked around the store for another hour. After a successful shopping day for us both, we headed back to the house. 

Guy Fawkes Night
We went to watch a firework show in Kilmarnock which was a half hour drive from the house. It was such a freezing cold evening we all couldn't believe it. The fireworks were amazing, it was one of the best fireworks show I have ever seen. It was really busy with a  great atmosphere. I loved listening to the Scottish music playing while the fireworks were exploding, it was a great evening. 
Body Art
On our last evening at the house, we had a lady come to visit us to teach us tips on how to face paint. I am not artistic in the slightest but really enjoyed it. I have always been intrigued how face paint artists create some beautiful designs. We learnt that the trick of creating beautiful body art is by learning brush stroke techniques. We were given the opportunity to try and create some pretty art on some fake skin. The lady then painted our arms and they were beautiful! She is such a talented woman.
I had such a brilliant week at such a beautiful place. We had an amazing time with Judith having late film evenings and drinking hot chocolate. The best thing is being able to meet others and through CLIC Sargent I have managed to do this.

 CLIC Sargent is such an amazing charity and the Malcolm Sargent House is great! The staff are amazing! I bloody love it :) 
I am so grateful to have been able to have the opportunity to stay at MSH and have  a relaxing break. 
If anyone is receiving support from CLIC and want to know more about the house I will put a link below. 
This is a video I made that after me and my family visited Malcolm Sargent House last year. 

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