Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Iron Overload

Just a quick update. Today I had a routine blood test and a clinic appointment. My blood levels were perfect except there's one slight problem.. I have too much iron in my blood. The normal iron level people usually have is between 15 - 150 and mine is 2086. My consultant said that my level is super high because I have had A LOT of blood transfusions and there is a certain level of iron in each bag of blood. The only way of depositing this iron is if you lose blood and due to me now being postmenstrual (going through menopause) I don't have periods and therefore am not losing blood . This means that in order to get rid of blood I have to have regular venesections (guessing it is like donating blood) The nurses said they will most probably drain 500ml of blood every few weeks and it could take up to a year to get to a normal level.Although it nothing to worry too much about if the iron stays in my body it could damage my organs so it's safer to get it out than in. I am going for my first venesection tomorrow. So will update soon how it goes and the procedure.

Always smiling x

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