Friday, 9 August 2013

Iron Overload Update...

After having my venesection on Wednesday it wasn't half as bad as I was expecting. The needle wasn't too big and only felt like a sharp scratch. The nurse said that I should eat and drink before having it and because I woke up up late that morning I missed breakfast. This resulted in mum getting me a bacon roll from Warrens bakery...I can't complain. After having something to eat the nurse inserted the needle and managed to find a vein right away...always a good start. It took around 15 minutes to drain the blood and she said that I would most likely feel dizzy and could possibly faint. I felt okay until she started to take the needle out of my arm. The room started spinning and i felt light headed, the nurse just tilted my chair back for a few minutes and I felt okay after that. I  have never felt so dizzy in my life it was a horrible feeling.

 I asked my nurse if my blood could be donated and she said it has to be thrown away as the iron levels are too high. I am not worrying about having it done every month for a while as I know what to expect. I am booked in to have another one in a few weeks. I will still have routine blood tests and hopefully the iron level should start to drop soon.  
I will keep you posted.

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