Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Alton Towers

After suffering from shingles for 2 weeks I was happy when I started to feel much better and was able to go Alton Towers at the weekend. My CLIC social worker Jo e-mailed a charity called Lucys Days Out and applied for me and my family (mum, dad, Kieran and Ella) to go to Alton Towers for 2 days and spend a night at the Alton Towers hotel. We had an amazing time! After having shingles for the past 2 weeks I was still feeling a bit rough but didn't let that change my excitement for going away.
We left early at 5:30 on the Saturday morning. It took just over 4 hours to get there and we stopped for breakfast on the way. When we arrived we were unable to check into our hotel right away but that didn't bother us too much as we were too excited and wanted to go right to the park. We went to the desk to collect our tickets and then went to the theme park. We left our bags in the car as we couldn't check in until later in the afternoon. Luckily there was a monorail from the hotel to the park, so we didn't have to walk. (I get so tired really easily and my legs swell up which is not nice so I can't walk long distances without sitting to rest) such an old woman I know! After checking into the theme park we went to the customer service desk and asked if there was a fast track pass available we could buy so we didn't have to stand and queue for 2 hours for each ride. We told them my circumstances and they gave me a red wristband to wear. They said that when I go to queue for the rides to use the disabled access and this meant that I could go to the exit and get right on the ride without having to queue  This was really useful as my feet didn't swell up as much as they usually do. (I would advise anyone who suffers with fatigue to do this as it helps a lot!) We managed to ride a lot of the attractions, although mum and Ella were too scared to go on any roller coasters! (Boring i know!) Dad was my partner in crime, we went on the oblivion and nemesis a few times! Kieran also loved the roller coasters  it was his first time at alton towers and he loved it. We decided to leave some of the roller coasters to ride the next day (we had a 2 day pass). We rode on the log flume and the water rapids and they were really funny! We all got soaking wet but soon dried off as it was a boiling hot day. After spending all day at the park we caught the monorail back to the hotel. We stayed in the Alton towers hotel not the splash landing hotel but we could use both hotels facilities. The hotel was beautiful and had a very cultural theme to it. We got to our room at 6 and mum went for a sleep while me, dad, Ella and Kieran went to the splash landing park. It was really fun and I felt like a little kid, there were lots of water slides and I am such a water baby. After a few hours of fun in the pool I was shattered!  It was tea time and we went to one of the restaurant's in the hotel to have something to eat, I had a chicken burger with some chips and salad, If you know me well you will know that I am such a burger girl and if theres a chicken burger on the menu I will choose it. While we were having our tea it started thunder and lightening really bad. I must admit that I LOVE thunder and lightening (as long as I am safe and not outside.) Ella started to fall asleep when we were having something to eat so when we finished dad and Kieran took her to the room and they went to sleep. Me and mum on the other hand were not tired so we went to the lobby where there was a cabaret show. We spent the evening watching the entertainment and had a few glasses of wine.

The next day we woke up feeling refreshed and went to the restaurant for an all you can eat breakfast buffet. We definitely took full advantage of this, the food was delicious. After having something to eat we went into the garden of the hotel where they have beautiful water features and an amazing view. After taking a few photos we went to get the monorail. First we went on the water rapids and then more roller coasters.Oblivion is my favorite one by far. Me and Dad went on Oblivion a fair few times. Kieran was too scared to go on it but I know he would have loved it. After spending a few hours in the park for the morning, we spent our afternoon at the Splash landing water park. I went on all the water slides and as it was a sunny day, the outside pool and slides were open too. After spending  few hours in the water park we decided to get our bags and pack the car. We headed home at 7'0 clock in the evening and stopped at Frankie and Benny's for something to eat. Yummy! Although on the drive home we had to pull over and I was sick on the side of the road (Travelling mixed with tablet side effects and lack of sleep) Not so Yummy! I managed to fall asleep in the car and we arrived home at 12 ish and went straight to bed. I had an amazing weekend and it's all happened thanks to Lucy's days out. I really appreciate being able to create and cherish family moments and memories we can spend together. Thankyou xx

Always smiling x

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