Sunday, 4 October 2015


At my most recent transplant clinic appointment, my consultant noticed that a big mole on my back looked slightly unusual. I informed him that I have always had the mole and recently noticed a change in it so he booked an appointment for me to see the dermatologist. 

I knew that it was most likely nothing to worry about but since finishing my treatment and being  told that I am more likely to experience secondary cancers, I shit myself every time my consultant is worried about anything.
I'm not going to lie I was very scared and had already diagnosed myself with skin cancer, expecting the worst.  

Since having my bone marrow transplant I constantly worry about any little thing, weather it is a rash, a flare up of mouth ulcers or a funny looking mole. 
I will always feel on edge for the rest of my life but it is something that I am trying to get used to. 

Anyway, after having the appointment my mind was cleared and my mole was absolutely fine. It is amazing how they can check any mole on your body, I don't know if you have been to a dermatologist to have moles checked before but they use this amazing apparatus which microscopically looks at the mole to see the cells up close. The dermatologist checked other moles and they were all fine. 
I do feel like a loon sometimes but then think to myself it is better to have it checked just in case, after everything I have been through has taught me not to ignore any changes in my body. 

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