Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Hello October!

I have always loved James Bay's classic singles, hold back the river and let it go being the most popular. One of my friend's suggested to listen to his album and I downloaded it onto my phone to give it a whirl. I absolutely love it, hence why It is making an appearance on this months favourites. It is an amazing album and his voice is so dreamy! 
He is definitely on my 'watch live before I die' list. 

I absolutely love soap and glory products. I always receive a Soap and Glory set every Christmas and use the body products throughout the year. I have been using this for a few months now and it is the best body moisturiser I have used in a long time. 
It smells heavenly and feels amazing on your skin. 
It doesn't leave a sticky residue like a lot of body moisturisers and soaks into your skin instantly.

Evenings at the beach
How beautiful had the weather been this September? I have been making the most of it and spending a lot of time outdoors. I have been spending a lot of this tine at the beach. My family adore the beach and my whole life, any time the sun makes an appearance we go to the beach. It is somewhere I have grown up and surprisingly went through a faze of hating when I was a stroppy teenager. 
We are so lucky to live so close to lots of beautiful beaches. Make the most of this weather while you can!

This was not an intentional buy but when I was in boots buying some makeup essentials, there was a 3 for 2 offer so I decided to pick this up. My friend used to rave about how good this lip product was but I didn't understand the obsession until I bought one myself.
I absolutely adore this product, I have a slight obsession with buying and trying lip products and rarely find ones that I love. It is very long lasting and has a smooth, glossy finish which I prefer as a matte finish tends to leave my lips very dry. It is very mousturising on you lips and doesn't leave your lips flaky or clumpy throughout the day.
The applicator is handy in getting a precise application and the packaging is very pleasing. They have a beautiful range of lip colours to suit all skin tones, I am going to pick up more myself. 

Adult Colouring Book
This is a huge craze that a lot of people are obsessed with. I bought one recently for a friend who is poorly in hospital and regretting not buying myself one. 
 I have jumped on bang wagon and  couldn't resist picking one up when I was in town this week. I feel like such a child but am loving sitting down in the evenings with a cuppa and spending a few hours colouring. 
The pages are very small, complicated designs and my concentration levels are tested. 

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