Wednesday, 14 October 2015


The word 'public speaking' has always been completely daunting to me. It is something that I never imagined accomplishing. I am a very confident person when I am with people I know or have had a few many too wines and you can't shut me up but the thought of  talking in front of strangers absolutely scared the life out of me. 

Being a volunteer representative for CLIC Sargent has led me to some amazing opportunities, one of these is having the opportunity to publicly speak about the charity.
 I remember my first ever talk, I felt really sick to my stomach. The great thing about my public speaking experience is having the support of my wingman Pete, we do a lot of volunteering together and work really great together. 

I have completed 4 public speaking events now and feel that I am getting better every time. I use prompt cards which makes me feel more comfortable as by only looking at a word can reel a complete paragraph off the tongue. I love meeting the people who we talk to. At most of the talks, there is also a sit down meal before which enables us to get to know the people who we are going to talk to making us feel completely comfortable with them. 

As well as raising awareness and trying to gain supporters, we have also been encouraging people to buy gold ribbons for CCAM. We managed to raise just over £150 which is amazing. 

I would advise anybody who has the opportunity to work on public speaking to do it! I have been told by many people that it is an amazing life skill to have. 

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