Monday, 13 April 2015

Pyjamas All Day.

Yes this is me ^ and yes I have been spending all day in my pyjamas for the past 2 days and no that's not by choice. After my long and winded venture to London, Scotland and Bristol all in one week. I fell ill with a really bad chest infection hence why I spent the following few days or so in my pyjamasy! The antibiotics I was on just made me feel really shitty and not myself so I didn't feel up for doing anything. 

What a a lazy cow...I know! I am only just starting to feel myself and having an infection has hit me hard. It sucks having a weakened immune system but hey ho I'm here so I'm not going to complain or go on about how side effects from having cancer completely suck. 

Usually I post an inspiring, motivating quote but I decided this week to just post that it's okay to stay in your pyjamas all day like I have done for the past few days or so and if you feel unwell or just don't want to get dressed for the day....go for it!

Happy Monday! When did you last have a 'pyjamas all day' day?

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