Friday, 10 April 2015

Hot Mustard Singing Group

Never in a million years did I think I would say this at the age of 22 but...'wait for it'.... I have joined a choir!! When I imagine choirs, I think of old people singing in churches or being part of a school choir. 
 I belong to a different kind of choir...we sing for Plymouth's Macmillan center, the Mustard Tree. We are a mixture of patients and staff of Derriford hospital and
our main aim is to help raise awareness of the charity, Macmillan cancer care and to create a small community.
It all started when a patient decided to set up the choir in September 2014, I think there were only a few members to begin with. 
I decided to join when I was asked by my friends mum, Mary who works as an information nurse at the Mustard tree. I went to one practice as I was curious what to expect and when I left that evening I couldn't wait until the next practice. I felt really touched by some of the people there and the spirit of everyone was so uplifting.
I have performed with the choir at two events, at a cancer summit conference and on a hospital ward. 
I am the youngest member of the group and I have been trying my best to encourage more young adult cancer patients to join. I am so tempted to contact Gareth Malone but it's a bit of a long shot. 
 I am no beyonce but It's something I am enjoying being a part of and I would never have thought of doing if I wasn't diagnosed so I think why not! 

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