Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My Month In Photos | March 2015

 On the 20th March we experienced a solar eclipse, where I live, in the United Kingdom, we experienced a 85% partial eclipse. At 8:40 in the morning, I set off on the Hoe to watch the eclipse take place, I was unfortunate to not get hold of the really cool eclipse glasses but managed to take a photo on my phone which turned out quite good if I must say so myself! I remember when I was younger in 1999 we experienced a total eclipse and it seemed much more dramatic compared to this year where it just came over a bit cloudy and slightly dark. It was definitely a disappointment but still fun to experience.  
 Collage of photos of our family day out...these are my favourite. Picnics, sun and fun!
 I have been travelling a lot lately with charity volunteering and meetings and last week I visited Bristol. I love the whole Bristol vibe, it has a really calm and cool vibe that no other city has. 
I noticed a lot of cool graffiti work on buildings so decided to create this montage of amazing artwork. 
My little brother has turned 19! OH DEAR I AM GETTING OLD!
WHAT happened to my little brother who used to dress up in my tutu and prance around!?. When there are occasions such as birthdays and family anniversary events I continuously think what the heck......where has the time gone! (so clich√©
We celebrated by going out for a family meal at a really delicious Indian restaurant and even though I wasn't and am still not feeling very well we had a lovely evening. I am so blessed to have this chap in my life, he saved my life and I can never repay him for that. I couldn't help myself and spoiled him with a lot of gifts. He then spent a 'few' nights out on the beer with his friends and he's still recovering!! 
Happy Birthday K!

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