Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Rapunzel, Rapunzel Let down your hair

In the past few weeks I have struggled on deciding what to do with my hair. As you all most probably know, 2 years ago I had very little 'chicken fluff hair' as my mum would call it. I feel awful writing this but some days I just wish my hair was that short again just for the fact that I am completely crap when it comes to styling my hair.
Now that I am 2 years post treatment my hair is at a length where I can wear it down and have it cut into a style instead of being at an awkward length where I have to struggle to pin awkward bits of hair up with grips. Talking of grips...the amount of them I have gone through in my life in unbelievable...I swear there is a hairgrip stealing fairy who steals them so I have to buy a new packet every week. 
Anyone else have a grip sealer? 
Since my hair has grown back I have it highlighted regularly as the colour of it looked really heavy and blocky..I looked like a lego head. 

My aim for the next month is to try different hairstyles. I have been addicted to pinterest recently and have seen lots of nice ideas on there. I have a hairdressers appointment booked in 2 weeks time so I have time to think of something to do with it. It definitely needs thinning out... A LOT! My hair was really thick before loosing it but now it is on another level of thickness...my poor hairdresser! 
 I have to admit my favourite style till now is when it was a lot shorter and really curly. As it has grown out the curl in my hair has dropped which is rather disappointing as I enjoyed having curly locks. I thought it was really crazy at the time but am so tempted to cut it  this length again.  
I will keep you updated on how I decide to have it cut. I never make extreme decisions with my hair but we will see. I am happy that now my hair is growing back I look more normal, not that having cancer made me look unusual but for girls to have no hair is not the norm is it? I feel like people wouldn't have a clue that I battled cancer by looking at me and it's a great feeling but I still feel a bit strange, I guess it's all part of getting over what happened and moving on wards and upwards :) 

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