Friday, 16 January 2015

New Year

I have a feeling that this year is going to be marvelous! The typical cliche is to write a list of resolutions that I will most likely fail. Every year my resolutions tend to be the same, loose weight and travel more. Well this year I have decided to not call them resolutions as I tend to never stick to them. I decided to look at 2014's resolutions to see If I accomplished them. 

Well I am actually quite impressed. Other than getting another tattoo, and being a smaller dress size... I have achieved all of the above haha! Most of the year I have felt really well and my energy levels have increased and I feel slightly less fatigued than I did:). 

Regardless of being 2 years post bone marrow transplant, I still suffer with side effects. Physically I look well, my hair is growing and I look 'normal' again on the outside but inside I don't always feel. It is something all cancer patients feel and friends and family will never understand.
I have come to the conclusion that I just have to wait until my body has recovered fully and need to come to terms that it could take any amount of time.
This year I need to appreciate that I am getting better and the only way is upwards.
I am going to take my time and continue to volunteer for charities, it is something I can add to my CV to cover what I have been doing with my recovery time whilst being absent from a job for a few years. I hope my schedule for returning to work is this year when I will hopefully feel physically and emotionally ready. Getting back to normal is heaps harder than I expected and few people find it easy. 
Now I am post treatment my aim is to raise as much awareness of cancer in teenagers & young adults and I will continue doing so by blogging my experience and life after treatment. I have some great plans for my blog this year so stay posted.

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