Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Baby Vaccinations At 21

It's really strange, when I had my stem cell transplant never in the world would I think I would need to have my baby vaccinations again. This clearly makes sense as my immune system is just over a year old so really, I have a baby's immune system. Hence why I constantly catch coughs, colds & viruses. In a way I see this as a good thing because even though I get ill and feel really crappy, I always get better..meaning my immune system is working properly. 

A month ago or so I had a doctors appointment to see the nurse have my first injections, it did hurt slightly and I had a raised lump on my arm for about a week but it's not worse than anything I have already been through. I suffered with a slight fever but nothing too serious.The reason why I had to do this was because having a completely new immune system means that the previous injections I have had in my life were non existent. I am at a higher risk to infection until my immune system is a lot stronger, having these vaccinations prevents me from infection. I am only currently having the non live injections as it isn't safe to have the live ones until 2 years post-transplant. 

My nurse was really shocked because she has never come across any 21 year old coming to have baby vaccinations, I am such a big baby! By having these vaccinations is one step closer on my recovery journey :) I have also had 2 months off my transplant clinic hospital appointment as my blood test results were extremely good. I have also been moved to a different clinic for patients who are further post-transplant now I am +year. I'm still having regular venesections as my iron is still high but it's gradually decreasing...it is now 754 and a normal level is between 30 - 150 so I haven't got long left :) 

Happy Days :) 


  1. Fascinating story about you needing to have your baby vaccinations at age 21. Vaccines are truly important and while a pain I am sure it helped in the long run to get them. This is a tough issue for me, not because any of the controversy, but because I am terrified of needles. Trying hard to get over it.

    Leonardo @ U.S. Healthworks Medical Group

    1. Thank you. It has definitely helped in the long run. For a short scratch it can be worth saving your life.